‘Glee Season 6’ Rachel Berry Heading New Direction, Santana and Brittany Got Engaged

Glee Season 6

'Glee Season 6' Rachel Berry Heading New Direction, Santana and Brittany Got Engaged

Naya Rivera, one of the stars of "Glee Season 6" once posted a new and telling teaser via her Twitter account, which created speculations coming from the fans that Santana will propose to Brittany this coming season.

Rivera's tweet on her account says, "Popping a very important question today at glee! ;-)"

However, after the tweet of Rivera (previously "Glee" regular cast now turned into guest actor) did not go into further details about it. As expected the fans of Brittany tandem without a doubt love a proposal to happen. The possibility of seeing the characters they idolized tying the knot this season will certainly make fans tune in. Brittany as Heather Morris is Santana's true and greatest love from the very start of the show.

Hearing the news about Brittany and Santana's engagement, fans can't help themselves being curious again. After the proposal, what will happen next? Is there something new between Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) and Blaine? They actually got engaged during the Season 5. However, they also decided to end the engagement. Fans of Blaine and Hummer were disappointed and sad about their decision and they are still looking forward for them to end up together again.

Next season on "Glee," Morris and Lea Michele will be there too. This was confirmed by Michele when she posted a photo of her and Morris being together. In the picture, they are reading and sharing the same book. She posted the photo on her Twitter account.

Michele character played by Rachel Berry is going back to McKinley High. This is for the purpose of reviving her New Directions. However, Sue will never give up from doing everything to put down New Direction members.

"Sue organizes a last minute glee 'invitational' at McKinley in order to break the spirit of the fledgling New Directions. Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers are invited. They all assemble at McKinley for rehearsal," Mjsbigblog reports.

Because of this, Will and Rachel will be working together. They will also ask for help from Blaine Anderson because he was once a member of the Dalton Academy Warbler vocal group.  

The "Glee" Season 6 and final season will premiere on 2015, spring time.


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