Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy News, Rumors And Latest Updates: Could Kate Middleton’s Hiding From The Public Act Be As A result Of An Illness Or Is She Just Embarrassed Of Her Burgeoning Baby Bump

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Kate Middleton's Pregnancy News, Rumors And Latest Updates: Could Kate Middleton's Hiding From The Public Act Be As A result Of An Illness Or Is She Just Embarrassed Of Her Burgeoning Baby Bump

We have the latest for you on the news, rumors and latest updates of Kate Middleton's pregnancy. There seem to be something brewing around in the midst of the royal family of England. This time around news and rumors are all surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate wife to Prince William. According to reports, Kate Middleton has been hiding from public eyes as the last time she was seen in public was during the Poppy installation at the London towers last August 5th. Since that date, the Duchess of Cambridge has been pulling out of royal engagements and missing out on her royal duties as the duchess. What may have caused all this?

All this started following the announcement of her second pregnancy last September 8th. The palace representatives confirmed that Kate had been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a pregnancy disease characterized by excessive vomiting. But could all this be a diversion to turn the eye of watching social media and persons in general? Rumors, speculate that this is not why Kate has not been seen in public for a while now, some think that Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge is embarrassed of how she looks as some journalists put it she does not want to be seen looking fuller while in her early weeks of pregnancy, IBTimes further reports.

As the Inquisitr writer Gregory Wakeman put it, the Duchess of Cambridge declines to be out in public because she does not want to "show off her burgeoning baby bump and bloated features to the world as she continues to grow." Another source in the Daily Mail reported that Kate decided to retreat to her hometown in Bucklebury, Berkshire to be with her parents, as she felt useless in her current state. She has also taken with her Prince George as she recuperates from her pregnancy.

Kate's calendar had been full of royal engagements for October and November, where a royal aide had confirmed that Kate was well enough to attend all but she pulled out at the last minute. She has so far missed out on two royal occasions this month. She defiantly is not feeling well or could it be the embarrassment?


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