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Natalie Grant, one of the most "make a difference" women in Christian music, was born Natalie Diane Grant on December 21, 1971 in Seattle, Washington.

Signed to Curb Records, Natalie was nominated for her first Grammy Award in 2012.

Married to Christian music producer Bernie Herms in 1999, the couple are parents to three girls - twins Grace Ana and Isabella Noelle and Sadie Rose.

Notable Quotes:

  • - "The last thing the world needs is just another singer and just another song. I want to be a voice that will burn bright with hope. People are desperate for something real, and that’s why I make music."

  • - "I can’t put on airs and be something I’m not. I can only be myself, and sing about the things that matter most to me. Because of that I will always make music centered in my faith and love for God."

  • - "Every time I hear how a song of mine has been an anchor for someone in the most difficult moments of their life. That's why I make music, and when I hear those stories, I feel successful." (from an interview with Digital Journal)


  • - Natalie founded The Home Foundation (now called Abolition International) to support aftercare programs for victims of human trafficking around the world.

  • - She is a survivor of both bulimia and postpartum depression. Rather than hiding those times in her life like "dirty little secrets," she has been open about them with the hope that her story of overcoming them will help others who suffer.

  • - The first two record labels she was signed to went out of business, leaving her without a label home.


  • - Hurricane, 2013
  • - Love Revolution, 2010
  • - Relentless, 2008
  • - Believe, 2005
  • - Awaken, 2005
  • - Worship With Natalie Grant and Friends, 2004
  • - Deeper Life, 2003
  • - Stronger, 2002
  • - Natalie Grant, 1999

Dove Awards:

  • - 2012 - Female Vocalist of the Year
  • - 2010 - Children's Music Album of the Year - Veggie Tales: Here I Am To Worship
  • - 2010 - Special Event Album of the Year - Glory Revealed II: The Word of God In Worship
  • - 2009 - Female Vocalist of the Year
  • - 2008 - Female Vocalist of the Year
  • - 2007 - Female Vocalist of the Year
  • - 2006 - Female Vocalist of the Year

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