Unspoken, Band To Release New EP, 'The World Is Waking,' on June 25

Unspoken, Christian band, will release their upcoming five-track EP, 'The World Is Waking,' on June 25.

The EP is a down-to-earth, truthful look at Christian life. It was named, 'The World Is Waking,' in order to emphasize our daily need for discipline in order to follow God's will for our lives. "Every day, the world wakes to a new opportunity to forget what is behind and move forward," Chad Mattson, lead singer explained, according to "God's mercies are new every morning. All of us are working to try to find peace. The older I get, I just want peace for my soul and my heart and my brain on a day-to-day basis. You can't buy it. Success can't bring it. It's just resting in the Lord. The main focus must be taking the day as what it is, as an opportunity to draw closer to God, to love Him and others."

Mattson explained the meaning behind one of the tracks, entitled 'In Your Hands,' and the harsh reality that it speaks of. "There is a moment when you're in God's presence where you feel safe enough and peaceful enough to leave whatever it is in God's hands," Mattson said, according toCentricity. "But eventually, you're going to go back out of the church doors, back out of your prayer time, and you're going to be hit with reality."

'In Your Hands,' explains that we must be in God's presence in order to truly turn our burdens and hardships over to Him. "We have this desire to want to control," Mattson continued, according to Centricity. "This is a song for me about relinquishing control to God. It really takes work, that's the big thing. That quiet time, that time spent with the Lord when we really do feel peaceful and at rest." Grace and the presences of God is a beautiful thing, but it isn't always all that easy to attain.

The title of the album was derived from the lyrics of 'In Your Hands,' which states, "The world is waking and I am here to meet you on my knees, When I'm with you my soul finds rest, Cause I can leave it in your hands."

Another track to be featured on the upcoming EP is a song entitled, 'Everything,' which focuses on the fact that we need to practice a constant dependence on God. Other songs on the EP, entitled 'Walking Away' and 'Bury the Workman,' communicate a message about leaving our old lives behind and living life anew. Lowry explained the story behind 'Bury the Workman' saying, "We were in a church service, when the pastor said this quote, 'Bury the workman, but the work will go on.' It reminds me of Mark 13:31, which says heaven and earth will pass away but his word will remain forever," according toCentricity.

'Lift My Life Up,' the opener of the EP, is a song that communicates a desire to surrender in times of both peace and fire. It incorporates quotes from some timeless hymns such as 'Take My Life and Let It Be,' and 'It is Well with My Soul.' "The very first time I heard Unspoken perform, I was blown away and couldn't wait to introduce them to our listeners!," said Joe Buchanan, Network Music Director with New Life Media, according to Centricity. "'Who You Are' quickly became a listener favorite and I believe 'Lift My Life Up' will have an even greater impact!"

"Make God your primary concern and live righteously," Mattson said, according to Centricity. "I don't know what's going to come of my family or my career, and I'm certainly not going to figure it out today, but I know that if I give my life and surrender this day, I will be setting myself up to have peace and not anxiety, because I'm not worrying about tomorrow, I'm trusting God today."

Unspoken is an ironically named band that aims to allow their lives to be unspoken testimonies of God's great love and power while also trying to speak things that they believe tend to often go unspoken. They are a four-piece band comprised of Mattson on lead vocals, Mike Gomez on guitar, Jon Lowry on bass and Ariel Munoz on drums. Their most successful tune to date is 'Who You Are,' which was released on their June, 2012 album, 'Get To Me.'

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