'House Of Cards Season 3' Release Date Netflix: What Do Rumors Say?

House Of Cards Season 3 Release Date

'House Of Cards Season 3' Release Date Netflix: What Do Rumors Say?

The popularity of "House of Cards" can be judged by a simple fact that months before its release fans await the date when they can get their hands on all the episodes for the upcoming season. This fictional political drama weaved around the life of Frank Underwood, a Democrat from South Carolina, and his ambition to become the most powerful man.

Last season had ended with Underwood becoming the President of the United States after some manipulative politics and now fans want to see what he can achieve from the position.

Given the show's popularity, there are obviously many rumors on release date for season 3, but unfortunately no one has any clear idea about when Netflix plans to launch it. There is only some confirmed news from Christian Post that Netflix will be releasing all the episodes at once.

At the same time, it will be safer to bet that the release date for "House of Cards" season 3 will be somewhere around February next year, given that last two seasons were also released in the same month in 2013 and 2014 on Netflix.

Meanwhile, the rumors mills are also hot printing latest spoilers about everything from Frank Underwood's international connection to Claire's death proving to be a turning point for the events on this season.

In fact, Latin Times had reported this week that in the original British television series (on which this show is based) the lead character's wife hires an assassin to kill him and succeeds. However, looking t Netflix's dedication towards the show and their intention to keep it running, the makers might have asked the writers to add another twist and kill Claire Underwood instead.

It will certainly be tragic for the viewers especially after the chemistry between the couple surrounded by mysteries and grey shades from politics in the house.

Fans already know that the filming had begun few months back with many photographs and stories being published about it all around the world. Apparently spotting the members of Pussy Riot, a Russian feminist punk rock band, was one of the crucial things indicating Russian affairs on the show.

Similarly, rumors on new characters, especially from Russian origin were also hot. Anto Ivonovich is one of the recurring roles being written for the show along with a brilliant doctor Buzdar. However, the motives and interests of these characters are totally unknown for now.                 

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