'Fury': Another World War Movie; Brad Pitt Back In Killing Nazis

(Photo : Fury movie poster featuring Brad Pitt)

'Fury': Another World War Movie; Brad Pitt Back In Killing Nazis

Five years after the "Inglorious Basterds" hit the movie theaters; the award winning Hollywood actor is back, in yet another war film. Brad Pitt kills Nazis again in one of the most anticipated movie of 2014's last quarter, "Fury," New York Times reported.

Written and directed by David Ayer, the movie set in World War spring of 1945 recently had its premiere in the big screen. "Fury" tackles the life of Sgt. Don Collier, an exhausted and less talkative leader of an American tank crew. Sgt. Don Collier, nicknamed Wardaddy in the film, is Brad Pitt's second soldier character after he played Lt. Aldo Raine in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds."

"Fury" opened with Brad Pitt killing a German officer by stabbing him through the eye. As it is about war, it is literally full of gruesome deaths committed in necessity and corpse covered in ashes and mutilated by shrapnel. "These killings are staged with an air of grim necessity, and Mr. Ayer, a hard-boiled screenwriter, Training Day, and action director, Sabotage and End of Watch, venturing into ambitious genre territory, has a way of filming violence that is both intense and matter-of-fact."

The squad leader, played by Pitt, is joined by a new drafted gunner who does not like killing, Pvt. Norman Ellison, played by Logan Lerman, as Time reported. The grim of war is also seen in Wardaddy's subordinates that include Bible, played by Shia Labeouf, Mex, played by Michael Peña and Animal, played by John Bernthal.

The team, unlike Wardaddy, had a hellish experience as they killed Nazis. The soldiers are not used in murdering but as Brad Pitt's character said, "The war's gotta end, soon. But before it end, a lotta people gotta die."

"Fury," which the title is based from the name painted on the barrel of the tank's big gun that Wardaddy's team used, "is less an epic than a series of tense and focused episodes". Movie goers will surely be entertained by Pitt, who can be considered as a war veteran actor, and Ayer's exceptional directing skills that created "battle scenes staged with blunt, ground-level virtuosity, and with a welcome regards for spatial and visual coherence".

The film opened last Friday with R ratings. Because it is Brad Pitt's comeback in the war scene, Deadline reported that "Fury" is expected to be the top grossing film among the other released movies, "The Book of Life" and "The Best of me." "The war pic is so far leading in advance ticket sales in preparation for its 3,155 run tomorrow."

In its premiere week, it is also expected to take the crown from "Gone Girl" which has reigned in the box office sales for its first two weeks.

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