Rebecca St. James Expecting First Baby Born This Week

Rebecca St. James

While taking a time-out from her Christian pop-rock career, singer and author Rebecca St. James is lighting up the social media world with news that she will be delivering her first child this week. She recently posted a photo of her and her baby bump requesting her followers online for prayer and a safe weekend procedure.

James, a Grammy Award winning Christian singer, and her husband Jacob Fink married in April 2011. They've decided to not be told the gender of the baby before delivery.

Though James has spent much of her time recently devoted to the pregnancy, her latest book The Merciful Scar continues to influence the Christian community greatly.

Published by Thomas Nelson, James collaborated with co-writer Nancy Rue on the fiction work that discusses the subject of self-injury.

"When I became aware of Nancy Rue's tremendous insights into the challenges young women face with self-injury and cutting issues, I wanted to make sure that the message of hope, healing, and forgiveness of self that threads through The Merciful Scar had meaningful impact," notes Rebecca.

She wants her accomplishments in Christian music and as an author to provide a voice for the self-abuse many young women face.

"More times than you can imagine while doing concerts around the world, I'd have girls coming up to me in autograph lines, tears streaming down their faces and asking for prayer as they showed me arms covered with scars".

"More than once after praying I would take my Sharpie and write 'you are loved' on the back of their hand and encourage them to look at that message and be reminded how God felt about them. Through Nancy's powerful gift of bringing reality through fiction, this book is definitely that 'you are loved' reminder that I'm passionate about delivering."

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