PlayStation 4: Update 2.0 Masamune, Soon

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4: Update 2.0 Masamune, Soon

A big PlayStation 4 update 2.0, named "Masamune," will be released soon for Sony's console.

According to Ibtimes, Scott McCarthy, Sony's Product Planning and Software Innovation director, announced that the upcoming Masamune update will be PlayStation 4's biggest so far.

The update will feature several fan suggestions and other promised features announced at Gamescom back in August earlier this year.

Users will be able to play music straight from their USB devices while playing a game. Mp3, MP4, 3GP and M4A are the supported files to USB music player.

Aside from adding a theme in the home screen, the users will be able to change the color of the background in seven new colors: blue, gold, green, gray, pink, purple or even red.

Also, Adding friends will be easier "Players You May Know" will be included. This feature will suggest other online players to the user to add as friends.

The Live Broadcasting feature will also be improved. The users will be able to select any channel of their choice, be it as the official PlayStation broadcasts or from other PS4 users on their friend list. Other channels that the user follows will also be selectable. It will also be implementing more useful filtering search parameters for finding game broadcasts and archived broadcasts as well.

Additional voice commands for the PlayStation Camera will also be added, as noted in IGN.

A new "Add to Library" button will also be included in the new update for players to mark and download their chosen video game titles.

Files from the PlayStation 4 such as captured video, screenshots, and saves from video games will be also transferable to an external USB device in the upcoming update.

As for the Playstation 4 Content Area, it will be more organized and a search option to only find what exactly the user wants to look for will be featured in the update.

In addition by Inquisitr, all PlayStation 4 update features, the users of the new PlayStation TV and the handheld PS Vita will also be getting a 3.35 system update to be released alongside the Masamune update.

No word on the release date for the updates, but according to McCarthy, the update may come soon before the release of the biggest video game titles of this year.


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