GTA 5 Online Heists: Won’t be Coming with the Next Gen Version

GTA 5 Online Heists

"GTA 5" Online Heists: Won't be Coming with the Next Gen Version

With the near release of "GTA 5" on the next-gen consoles, a very much anticipated update is expected to release as well simultaneously with the title release, The "GTA 5: Heists" downloadable content pack.The update will include a new cooperative game mode, Heists. Players can join with their friends or other players online to rob in game banks to earn in game money.

A news in Latin Times, "GTA 5" fans became excited when leaked images of the supposed Heist gameplay DLC was posted online in a video by YouTuber DomisLive. The screenshots show a Rockstar developer's statistic and a new category, Heist, can be seen in the leaked screenshots. This gave fans and gamers the idea that a new game mode will be coming to "GTA 5."

However, the YouTuber denied that that the leaked images were genuine after Dom compared his own player stats with the one in the screenshot and found out that the leaked image was fake. The fans expected the new DLC to be released along with the 1.17 game update back in September, but instead they got another game mode, Last Team Standing along with other weapons and gears.

Fans also speculated that the Heist DLC will be released alongside the next-Gen "GTA 5" release date of November 18 for the PS4 and Xbox One. But, a recent announcement was made by Rockstar Games regarding the supposed Heist DLC.

Cinema Blends report says that Rockstar Games confirmed the delay and said that the Heist DLC will not be released in the next-Gen "GTA 5." They apologized because the creation of the DLC is far longer than the company expected, but rest assured that they will deliver the multiplayer game mode to "GTA 5."

Other than the next-gen release of the "GTA 5" this November, there are other anticipated titles as well. These include Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Activision, which will be released on November 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity from Ubisoft on November 11. "Far Cry 4" will also be released on November 18, the same release date as Rockstar Game's "GTA 5." It could be the reason why the Heist is being delayed.




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