Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers And Latest Reveals: Could Marks’ Response Package Be An Obvious Indication Of Bobby’s Torture Or Even Murder

Sons of Anarchy Season 7

Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers And Latest Reveals: Could Marks' Response Package Be An Obvious Indication Of Bobby's Torture Or Even Murder

We have the latest for you on the spoilers and latest reveals of Sons of Anarchy season 7. For viewers with a taste of a little bit of violence and the fun that comes with being in a gang then one must be a fan of Sons of Anarchy. With the series in its seventh season it is at its peak at the moment as proven by the previous six episodes that have already aired. Too bad for viewers who are just joining in the fan of Sons of anarchy as by current reports, this is going to be the last season in the franchise. In the previous episode, things took a wrong twist and the metaphor an eye for an eye just turned literal which is an indication that we are nearing the end, according to NY Daily News reports.

In the previous episode we saw Jax setting up a meeting between MC and Marks and his crew. Well, looking at this one can assume that this was in an effort to pull of his plot before Jax can help Tyler to overthrow Marks which in turn would aid Jax in shifting his business (Gun business) to the Mayans. This would be a perfect alignment of Jax plans. "Almost home boys," says Jax. This is the kind of statement one makes in TV drama when he/she realizes that the finish line/Victory is lurking just round the corner.

As Jax and his crew left for the meet, Booby went off on a separate errand, and it was during this while he was cruising around the highway singing "it's only make believe" that Marks and his crew ran him off to a deserted road. Bobby was seemingly trapped and even he couldn't get the opportunity, there is no way he could evade Marks Army. To be honest Bobby wasn't built for speed in the best of circumstances.

As Jax waited for Marks to show up for the meet, they were an hour late when a car drove up and out came Moses Cartwright who identified himself as the head of Marks security team. This Boss handed MC a package which was to be Marks' response to the offer. Well it just seemed to be evidence of Bobby's torture. We are all eager to see what Jax does next in the upcoming episode.


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