Satellites & Sirens Release New Single "Jump Start My Heart" and Launch Tour with Hawk Nelson

Satellites & Sirens

Satellites & Sirens are gearing up for a great year with no end in sight. DREAM Records, the LA-based label that recently signed the band, announced late last year a new tour with Building 429, Family Force 5 and Hawk Nelson that launched February 20th. The Nashville-based quartet are proud to share their upcoming album available for pre-order on iTunes. The lead single, "Jump Start My Heart" is already available.

Pre-order One Noise here.

Listen to their new single titled, "Jump Start My Heart" which is getting a lot of attention on radio across the country:

Listen to the behind the music segment featuring Geoff Hunker of Satellites & Sirens talking about "Jump Start My Heart":

Track listing for One Noise:

1. Crash Down
2. Jump Start My Heart
3. One Noise
4. Teach Me How To Love
5. Magnetic
6. Keep Running
7. We Are Yours
8. Our God Is Able
9. Breakthrough (feat. Jonathan Steingard of Hawk Nelson)
10. You Traded Heaven
11. Holy Are You God
12. United Kingdom

For more information about the group go to and To contribute and find out more about the band's Kickstarter account click here.

(*Courtesy of Dream Records)

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