The Winds of Winter News and Updates: Martin Released A New Companion Guide, while “The Winds of Winter” Release Date Still Uncertain

The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter News and Updates: Martin Released A New Companion Guide, while "The Winds of Winter" Release Date Still Uncertain

George RR Martin had released yesterday a new companion guide that will satisfy fans' longing, while waiting for his next book, The Winds of Winter, to be made available.

The guide is a 300 page book and is a backstory to the fictional kingdom of Westeros. The book is titled The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones. It consists of illustrations from fantasy writers and among them is Iron Throne painter Marc Simonetti. It also features text by Martin himself.

"It was bigger than anticipated," the author explained. "I start these things that I think won't take much time and they grow and grow."

Martin dropped some teasers while he was in New York recently with MTV, revealing, "The 'world' is big and getting bigger. The new book explains thousands of years of history surrounding Westeros, Essos and the other nearby and faraway lands. However, there's more to reveal in a later book."

It has been hinted that new religions will be announced and the amazing this is, readers will learn "how to birth a dragon", according to a report by

Although this is exciting news, however, some fans would suggest that it would be best if Martin will just concentrate on finishing his sixth novel, which apparently has no release date yet.

Martin's books were the basis and inspiration of the critically and commercially successful, Game of Thrones in HBO.

Keep on dropping by as we give you The Winds of Winter release date, news and updates.



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