'iPhone 7' Release Date: Rumors, Speculations, About iPhone 7 From Apple, Long Life Battery

iPhone 7

'iPhone 7' Release Date: Rumors, Speculations, About iPhone 7 From Apple

This coming 2015, we will be expecting another product from Apple- the iPhone 7.

Just a month ago, Sept. 9 to be exact, the Apple company released their latest gadget which is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and after handing it over to the public, the review of it didn't have a good result, for the reason that they input also their new invented "iOS 8".

We still don't have any information on hand that will prove whether this speculation and rumors are true, for the reason that even on their official website it wasn't posted yet. But somehow we can still rely on the information that we are learning, because it will give us an idea on what to expect.

Since last year, Apple Company had a trademark of releasing 2 "iPhone" products each year. For next year's big event, it was rumored that they will just release 1 installation of their famous cell phone line, that is known to the best completion of Samsung hand phones.

The specs of it is suspected to have the most advance technology. Speaking of which, no one has ever made a transparent hand phone, so if it is true, they are the first company that will have a design like this. In addition to that, it is also said that the kind of glass that will be used is "Sapphire Glass" that is much thicker and most preferred to use on smart watches than the "Gorilla Glass". But of course, as expected the new one will have new features and more enhanced features.

In relation to that, most people who are purchasing their product are the once who can afford the price, and most of them are professionals, businessmen, officials, etc. if you get the logic battery is the most important thing to make a device work is with the use of a battery. That's why users of the brand are requesting if developers could add more life to its battery.

Moreover, Apple phones, tabs have already transformed distinctively, that's why there is another news that is circulating on the web about the features, appearance, will be much more like of Samsung Gadgets?

The only way to know all about the exact details, is to wait for the further announcement from Apple Company, the group who will release the device, because even the name of the product is not yet confirmed.


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