Destiny (PS4 & X One) 'Destinty The Dark Below' Info, Latest News, Updates, Price and Release Date: Have Fun with the Additional Strike Mission 'The Undying Mind'

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Destiny (PS4 & X One) 'Destiny The Dark Below' Info, Latest News, Updates, Price and Release Date: Have Fun With The Additional Strike Mission 'The Undying Mind'

The long wait time is finally on the decline for Destiny fans, as the developer Bungie has exclusively appeared with the Destiny games another installment - "Destiny The Dark Below" release date with DLC. Therefore, PlayStation and Xbox owners can cheer up to enjoy another version of the action packed thrilling game.

The official expansion for "Destiny The Dark Below" will be released on Dec. 9. Until then fans have to wait for the popular game series. The price segment might cost around £20 while it will be free for those who have the exclusive "Destiny Pass" that costs around £35. The officials believe that the price will not affect the sale volume of the game.

The latest "Destiny the Dark Below" package will contain some extra contents for the PS3 and PS4 gamers. And apart from that, there would be some additional strike mission and exciting features for the PS3 and PS4 version of the game while the Xbox owners might feel a bit neglected, as they do not get any additional feature in the expansion update of the game.

The additional strike mission is named as "The Undying Mind". The thrilling combat will take place in the Black Garden. There will be 3 co-op thrilling missions that will be included in "The Dark Below" game including this mission. There will be many changes with this version and another noticeable change is the Destiny cap level increased to 32. So the inclusion of the extra mission has a huge impact on the Xbox One players. This version will last for about a year and Xbox player has to bear that discrimination from the developer platform.

The new version will come with more advanced weapons and equipment's. Xbox One users will get "The Will of Crota" mission available whereas the game is extended with five additional Bounty slots. According to Activision blogpost, the game will introduce new character named Eris who will be found to arrive the tower to deliver a warning that Crota will destroy the Earth. The developers believe that this version will also run flawlessly like the previous one and will break the sale records of last installment. Time will showcase the achievements of the latest series of the Destiny game.

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