NBA 2K15 Updated Patch for PS4, PC and Xbox One: Catch all the Latest News and Updates Here!

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15 Updated Patch for PS4, PC and Xbox One: Catch all the Latest News and Updates Here!

The famous 2K Sports game developer has recently unleashed the updated patch for the NBA 2K15 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One versions of the game. The updated patch comes with the fixes of several bugs that were claimed by the fans and with additional features and changes.

The most noisy issue regarding the bug of NBA 2K15 were the MyPark and online mode connectivity problem. The latest patch comes with the solution and bug free version of the game where online modes and connectivity issue no longer exists. The online problems appeared in the review section of the game and also claimed by the players that includes the same carry over version of the previous installment. The update now introduces the free agency period. The update list is enriched with eye-catching improvements. Let's check them out.

The controversial face scanning experience has been updated with swift sensing software improvements. The MyPark section has been upgraded with stability fixes and online interaction has been enhanced to provide better user experience. The animation regarding the player-editing segment has been up lifted with correct animation timing. The game was accused of getting stuck while browsing through the language setting in the option.

However, this was a very rare case and most of the time, it worked well but still the game has been updated with fixes. The update includes the fix for the scene where Doris Burke warps off the screen while facing an interview on court. The online experience has been modded with updates like the voice chat icons are now permanently displayed whereas previously they were claimed to be vanished on a sudden. The Online ID has also been included in the display permanently while playing multiplayer mode online. Now users can review the replay or rewatch the 2K15 episodes again after completing certain stages. Until now, these have been the updates list that has caught the eye of the reviewers. 

It is hoped that the updated patch would fix the problems for the users and also help to enhance their enjoyment levels while playing the game many folds over!

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