Revenge Season 4 Recap And Latest Reveals: David’s Return Spells Out ‘Destruction’ As David’s Danger Levels Rise To An All-Time High After Emily Realizes The Shocking Truth Behind His Father

Revenge Season 4

Revenge Season 4 Recap And Latest Reveals: David's Return Spells Out 'Destruction' As David's Danger Levels Rise To An All-Time High After Emily Realizes The Shocking Truth Behind His Father

We have the latest for you on the recap and latest reveals of Revenge season 4. It was obvious to us that David's (James Tupper) return to "Revenge" would cause drama, but we did not expect that his reprisal could be destructive. The 6th episode of the hit ABC drama teased on how David's return could cause destruction.

According to IBTimes, the installment kicked with David revealing to Victoria (Madeline Stowe) why he was so excited and enthusiastic on participating in the live interview. The interview was set up by his manipulative daughter. According to him, David wanted to explain to the whole world (and those who thought that he was still guilty) that he was neither a terrorist nor a threat. By the time "Damage" came to an end, David's danger levels had risen to an all-time high after Emily (Emily VanCamp) realized the shocking truth behind his father. After some investigation, Emily finally pieced together the story behind her father's story to prove that he wasn't held captive by Conrad (Henry Czerny) in a prison. She finally came to the conclusion that his father has staged the whole dungeon story so that he could hide something even more traumatizing.

Meanwhile, David was convinced that Nolan had stolen from him and his daughter. Instead of giving Amanda the money that David had compiled for her. David believes that Nolan took the inheritance and spent it himself. David said to Nolan, "She died without knowing that you betrayed her, that you betrayed me, and for that, I will never forgive you." We can now only assume that Nolan is already regretting the decision he had made earlier to support a man that he considered to be a father.

David approached Nolan and requested him to accompany him to the interview so that there could be someone 'on his side'. During the interview, however, Nolan was crushed when he was accused to be a thief before thousands of viewers. After the interview, Nolan said, "This was all an elaborate trap. You knew I would fall for it because I trusted you like a father." What do you think about the 6th episode of the season? Stay with us for more news.


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