Billy Graham Turns 96 & Gets Birthday Greetings from Rick Warren, Josh McDowell & Franklin Graham

Billy Graham

Billy Graham, one of today's most notable evangelist whose messages havereached over 2.2 billion people, celebrated his 96th birthday on November the 7th.  As opposed to last year's 900 people attended two-hour party at an Asheville hotel, this year, the evangelist had a quiet birthday celebration with just family members and close friends. 

However, this has not stopped many from offering Dr. Graham their birthday wishes.  Rick Warren, the senior pastor of Saddleback Church and popular author of many books, took on Twitter to offer his congratulations. "Happy #96th to my oldest mentor #BillyGraham. Thanks for guiding,defending and loving me for 35 yrs!"

Christian apologist and author Josh McDowell also adds his greetings: "#HappyBirthdayBillyGraham Hope your day is extra special this year! Love & Prayers, Josh & Dottie."

Dr. Graham's son, the Rev. Franklin Graham also writes on Twitter: "Join me in wishing a happy birthday to my father @BillyGraham--he turns 96 today!"

Grandson Will Graham also cannot wait to chime in: "Happy 96th Birthday to my grandfather Billy Graham! He can't wait for his coconut pound cake!" 

According to Franklin Graham his father is in good spirits, he's eating well, and his mind is still sharp. Two weeks after last year's party, Graham was hospitalized for two days for observation and lung tests. Graham uses a wheelchair and has been hospitalized for several health-related issues over the past few years.

Franklin Graham commented on his father's birthday following a news conference announcing that his international charity, Samaritan's Purse, was sending 90 tons of supplies to battle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.


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