Justin Bieber Spends Time with Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz in Order to Get His Life Back on Track

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Justin Bieber has decided that he doesn't want his life to be a burden but a blessing.  Hence, he has decided to spend two weeks with Carl Lentz, the lead pastor of Hillsong Church NYC.  

Over the last few months, Bieber has been spotted sobbing after a Hillsong UNITED concert.  He has also been seen attending the church. Further, Lentz, baptized Bieber in June. Ever since the lead pastor of the four year-old church plant has become a trusted source for the singer. The pair has spent a lot of time together through church, particularly at bible study and they have formed a friendship.

Bieber has reportedly cut off all of the harmful influences and habits in his life, including bad friends, drugs and alcohol abuse as he works to grow spiritually by avoiding temptation. He is also said to be learning how to spread the Word of God.

"I love Justin, he's a good kid. He's trying to figure this out. His behavior ... you know, he's figuring it out," the pastor previously told CBN. "What should we do? ... People who are like, 'Is he even a Christian?' With Justin, I tell people grace and acceptance does not mean approval. I can accept you as a human being and not approve of your actions. That's how we've been loved. We love because we were first loved... With Justin, it's not my job to be his police officer. It's my job to be a friend to him, and that's all I am."



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