Fox's TV Series "Nazareth" Explores the Early Life of Jesus


Once upon a time religion has been sidelined in the media.  Now, movies and TV programs jump at the opportunity to bring the stories of the Bible to the screens, big or small.  After the popular NBC series, "The Bible," Fox is ready to showcase the early life of Jesus Christ on their new series "Nazareth."

Though the Bible is scanty about the early life of Jesus, "Nazareth" is tells the story of Jesus growing up from age 13 to 30.  Altough not much has been has been revealed about the project so far, the writer and executive producer is purportedly David Franzoni, who was involved in "Gladiator" and "Amistad." Bob Cooper, Jamie Capbell and Joel Wilson are also signed on as executive producers.

There could be more religious and spiritual programming on the way. "Nazareth" is part of a deal that Landscape Entertainment signed with Fox to create and develop event programming, and this is the first series in that deal, according to TV Guide. FX Productions and Entertainment One are the studios involved with the project.

As aforementioned NBC, who already has "A.D.: Beyond the Bible," is making a sequel to the hugely successful "Bible" project, while National Geographic has mini-series "Killing Jesus" and WGN America is in the beginning stages of development 10-part event series "Ten Commandments," Deadspin reported.



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