Nicki Minaj Reveals that Her Aborted Child Would be 16 By Now

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The loss of a child, particularly through abortion, can be gruellingly painful.  The guilt, pain and torture can tarry in a woman's life for many years to come. Rapper Nicki Minaj unrevils such a pain in her brand new single "All Things Go."

Minaj who professes to be a born-again Christian and the daughter Gospel artist Carol Maraj who has just released her new Gospel single, is not immune to sin.  In her brand new single "All Things Go," the opening track to her new album "The Pinkprint," she lays her soul bare in one of the most revealing autobiographical tracks she has had ever released. The single was released on December 3, 2014 by Young Money, Cash Money, and Republic Records as the first promotional single and intro from the album 

"All Things Go" features lyrics that discuss a wide range of personal challenges Minaj has faced, raging from strained relationships with her family to the murder of her cousin Nicholas Telemaque in 2011. The song opens with Minaj reflecting on fame and the speed in which her life has moved; "Life is a movie, there'll never be a sequel."

The following verse Minaj speaks about her cousins death and how she could have helped him if she would have let him stay with her saying; "Ni--as trying to kill him/ He ain't even call me/ And that's a reflection of me, yes I get it, I get it was all me/ I'll pop a pill and remember the look in his eyes the last day he saw me" 

The final verse sees Minaj address motherhood ranging from her relationship with her mother and the relationship with her own child and references an abortion. In this verse, the rapper reveals that she lost a baby of hers and her ex's 16 years ago. ("My child with Aaron would have been 16, any minute/ So in some ways I feel like Caiah is the both of them/ It's like he's Caiah's little angel, looking over him"). 



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