Kerrie Roberts “My Heart’s Lifted” EP Review

kerrie roberts

Prime Cuts:  Come Back to Life, The Broken Ones, Seek Your Face

This is one time we can safely deviate from the adage: "Do not judge a book by its cover."  With rainbow color streaks in her hair contrasted in a background of white, the cover picture of Kerrie Roberts' "My Heart's Lifted" is simple, elegant, and purely gorgeous.  And just like the cover art, this 5 song EP is artfully executed over songs that are thoughtfully engaging, spiritually searching and melodiously grabbing.  After two albums for Reunion Records, with hit singles such as "No Matter What," "Outcast," "Take You Away" and "Once Upon a Time," Roberts has finally gone the independent route with this release.  Instead of tarrying for a major label deal, Roberts has chosen to make her music more readily accessible to fans by releasing music more frequently to her fans via her independently released Eps.  

The first thing one can say about Roberts is that she's not sonically anemic.  Rather, Kerrie Roberts joins a small sliver of female Christian artists such as Natalie Grant or Nichole Nordeman who are not afraid to stretch their multiple octaves sopranos over long holding notes in praise of Jesus Christ.  She puts her full bodied vocal muscle to a workout on "Seek Your Face."  Sounding like Leona Lewis accompanied by a bevy of violin riffs before exploding into a beat pop ballad, Roberts urges us not to leave God at the fringes of life.  For those of us who have been downtrodden by life's hurts, there's a treasury of heart lifters here, starting with the title cut "My Heart's Lifted."  Boasting a catchy ear-grabbing chorus and lots of crunchy guitar licks, "My Heart's Lifted" testifies to what Jesus does to us when we come to him and rest.

"The Broken Ones" is quip with so many great lines with the favorite being "the potter's hands doesn't make mistakes," it's a song that needs to be put on repeat in order to grasp all the theological truths laden in the song.  Grieved by friends who have had surrendered to suicide, depression, and addictions, "Come Back to Life" puts to music the promise of God in Romans 8:11:  "And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you." 

As colorful as the streaks in her hair might look, this EP presents God's grace, forgiveness and love in a beautifully array of richness that ought to brighten those who listen to these songs.



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