Ryan Bell, Pastor of 20 Years, Denies the Existence of God

ryan bell

Ryan Bell has been a pastor for 20 years.  He was the former minister of Hollywood Adventist Church in California and he has taught in Universities before. After launching an experiment a year ago where he tries to live like an atheist, he is back to say, he doesn't believe in the existence of God.

"I will do whatever I can to enter the world of atheism and live, for a year, as an atheist. It's important to make the distinction that I am not an atheist. At least not yet. I am not sure what I am. That's part of what this year is about," he wrote back then. 

Bell's unrestlessness came when he started having problems reconciling a God of love with issues such as homosexuality and the role of women in the Adventist church.  He referred to himself as a "faithful critic" pushing for the inclusion of gays and women in church culture and leadership. 

"I think at this point, you know, I've looked at the majority of the arguments that I've been able to find for the existence of God. And on the question of God's existence or not, I have to say I don't find there to be a convincing case, in my view. I don't think that God exists. I think that makes the most sense of the evidence that I have and my experience," Bell told NPR.

"I want to have a closer relationship to reality. I think before I wanted a closer relationship to God, and today, I just want a closer relationship with reality," he added.



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