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Christian hip hop artist Nobigdyl has just released his brand new single "Beauty (feat. Chad Jones)."  The single is available for free from the Soundcloud link below.

"Beauty (feat. Chad Jones)" is about celebrating the beauty of God that is reflected in all His creation. Instead of chasing the superficial and subjective beauty that is dictated by trends and media, finding the beauty of God that is literally all around us. I think that a lot of times we focus on all that's wrong with the world and everything there is to be worried about. "Beauty" is a departure from that and a switch in focus to the beauty of creation, life, and salvation. There is always beauty in the midst of darkness."

Nobigdyl was born near Oakland, California and raised in a small town in middle Tennessee.  Because of his dad's job, he lived in 7 different states by the age of 9.  His childhood was filled with travel, bitter goodbyes, and new beginnings. He began to be shaped by all the cultures he had been a part of; accents, foods, political opinions, and musical tastes were different in every area they moved to. Eventually, a deep appreciation for all types of music developed, from The Decemberists to A Day To Remember, Garth Brooks to Kanye West, they all had so much to offer.

Middle school introduced Nobigdyl to poetry. he always admired the way poets could capture the essence of such deep concepts like God and love within the confines of a page.  His uncle took him to a spoken word show and he was hooked. The concept of a poet performing with that much passion was amazing. He started writing and performing spoken word and hip-hop around 10 and haven't stopped since.

Nobigdyl says, "My music is a culmination of all my past experiences, my faith, and the creativity of a community of artists i've been blessed with. my only ambition is to glorify the One who gave me my gift and to share that gift with you."

Song Credits: 
Produced by Flash Beats and J.Branson 
Mixed by J. Branson Engineering

Video Credits: 
Directed By J.Lockhart

Watch the video on YouTube:

Free Download: Nobigdyl "Beauty (feat. Chad Jones)"





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