Southmen Quartet Regroups After the Death of Roy Bray

Southmen Quartet

On 12th October 2014, Southmen Quartet's Roy Bray was killed in a tragic car crash when his recrearional vehicle veered off the highway and slammed into a wooden barrier near the city of Lebanon. Jim Hefner, Manager of The Southmen Quartet, has regrouped the quartet with the addition of two new members.

Hefner will move to the baritone position, Donnie Marr will remain as lead, and Johny Washburn will remain at the bass spot. The two new members are Ricky Perkins and Will Yates.

Ricky Perkins will come on board as the new tenor. Hefner said that he had been in gospel music for more than 40 years and had never heard a better tenor in southern gospel music. Ricky has turned down offers from some of gospel music's best known groups over the years choosing to stay with his family group and operate his recording studio in Gadsden, Alabama. Hefner stated that the only way that this was possible that it had to be God because he had tried to hire Ricky many times in the past. Ricky is also a great song writer, including "Across the Bridge" which will be released to radio in March. If you think you have heard the best tenor in gospel music?? You haven't unless you have heard Ricky. I am not boasting, I'm blessed.

Nineteen year old Will Yates, a hometown kid from Albertville, Alabama, will be on the keyboard. Will has a heart for southern gospel quartet music and the perfect fit for the Southmen.



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