Kanye West is Getting into the Pornography-Making Business Despite Two Top Ranking Gospel Albums

Kanye West

Kanye West has seemingly confirmed reports that he is getting into the pornography-making business. For some time, West, also known as Ye, was looking into getting into the "adult entertainment industry" as one of his next business ventures. He is also looking to hire a noted porn mogul to get him started. 

Meanwhile, West's two Gospel albums, Donda and Jesus is Lord, are riding high on Billboard's top 25 Christian albums. In 2014, West referred to himself as a Christian during one of his concerts. Kim Kardashian stated in September 2019: "He has had an amazing evolution of being born again and being saved by Christ." 

In October 2019, West said with respect to his past, "When I was trying to serve multiple gods it drove me crazy" in reference to the "god of ego, god of money, god of pride, the god of fame", and that "I didn't even know what it meant to be saved" and that now "I love Jesus Christ. I love Christianity."

A rep for Yeezy tells TMZ, "Ye's been kicking around the idea of launching his own pornography studio and brand for a while -- and now, we're told he seems dead set on doing it ... 'cause he and his partners are in advanced talks to actually get something up and running. 

"We're told Kanye and co. have been talking about building an entire Yeezy Porn studio -- which would be part of a broader adult entertainment division at the parent Yeezy company."



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