The Old Paths Explain Why They Are Here to "Stay" in This Exclusive Interview

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The Old Paths began in fall 2003 and quickly became one of the most influential, trend setting Christian groups in Southern Gospel. Their vocal lineup includes Jeremy Peace's polished high tenor, Wayne Rackley's commanding lead, Doug Roark's smooth baritone, and Daniel Ashmore's rock-bottom-solid bass. 

Their first two national releases produced four #1 Southern Gospel radio hits and earned them the respect of fans and their peers as one of the genre's strongest vocal groups.The Old Paths are here to Stay faithful to spreading the Gospel message. They are here to Stay committed to their fans. And they are here to Stay true to a standard of musical and vocal excellence.

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of "Stay."  Of all the song titles on the album, why did you choose to call this album "Stay"?

Our Prayer as a group has always been to stay true to the calling God has on our lives.While some things might have changed ,one thing has stayed the same. Our goal is always to share the gospel and lift up the name of Jesus. We pray we will always "Stay " the course and press on to keep sharing the gospel and the love that Jesus has for all .

Hallels:  After your hugely successful last few albums, did you feel the pressure when making this album?

No, Because our only goal with any album is to glorify Christ .We definitely hope people enjoy it but most importantly we want to point them to Christ . 

Hallels:  What are some of the messages you want listeners to grasp after listening to "Stay"?

We want people to understand that God did not leave us alone when He ascended back to heaven but He left of the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. It is even more amazing that we will get to spend eternity with Him after our life here is over. With Easter coming up "Out of the Grave" points to that amazing resurrection power that lives inside of us if we know Jesus as our personal Savoir. I think the overall point of the album is how God never ceases to amaze us. He cotinually does beyond and above what we can even think or imagine. We will forever be thankful for His amazing gift, Jesus Christ.

Hallels:  I am personally a fan of Rebecca Peck's songwriting, so it is good to see 5 of Peck's songs on the album.  Was it deliberate that you chose so many of her songs?  

No it actually was not deliberate. We were singing at the James D Vaughn annual concert and before going on stage we found a demo disk of Rebeccas left by another group in the trash can and contacted her husband Tom immediately after listening to it. We did 5 of the 6 songs on the disk.

Hallels: What aspects of her song writing do you like?

As a group we only record Scripturally based songs and Rebecca's songs always meet that criteria besides sounding really good.

Hallels:  Let's talk about your single "Ordinary People."  For readers who may not have heard it yet, tell us a little about the song.

The song is just clarifying that the only thing amazing about anyone is Jesus Christ. God just takes ordinary people to do His extraordinary work.

Hallels:  Of the new songs, which song are you most excited about performing live? And why?

Stay because it is so unique. Its not the traditional quartet song but it really makes you think how God is with us all the time. The message just gives you so much hope. He has been with us and we will be with Him forever.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your new album or/and find out more about you, where can they go?

They can purchase it on and It is also available on i-tunes. I might need the Crossroads team to add any other places where the album can be purchased to many to remember :)  

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