AsOne Shares Their Vision of Racial Harmony in Christian Music, Their Passion for the Church & Their Music


Comprised of talented singer/songwriters Lisa Wright and Theresa Bailey are the label's newest emerging musical act. AsOne will release their debut single "Hero" featuring Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise to gospel radio on March 16th and to all digital outlets in May.

A champion of a tune lined with a stirring guitar arrangement and impassioned vocal displays, "Hero," charges forward as a triumphant ode to God's undefeatable grace and mercy. With lyrics set to conquer hearts for their touching reflections on his everlasting love.

While their joint outing is being greeted with high anticipation, Lisa and Theresa are music veterans in their own rights. Already collecting critical acclaim from every corner of the country via her solo efforts, Lisa is a celebrated songwriter whose lengthy credits include music for Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Colorado Mass Choir, and Jana Long of Avalon. Likewise, Theresa, a graduate of the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, is a highly sought after professional background vocalist for Queen Latifah, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson and many more. 

Hallels:  So thankful for your time in doing this interview with us.  You are one of the few interracial duos around, how did the two of you come together?  

Lisa:  I was gathering songs for a solo album at the time and Theresa was in town participating in a singer/songwriter competition called Immerse. My husband was a judge and told me I needed to come to the final night and hear a song that he thought I would want on my album. Theresa ended up singing that particular song and winning that night and we met after the competition and scheduled a lunch meeting for the following day. At lunch the following day we scheduled a writing session for the next day. The writing session was powerful and we knew it was a "God" thing. We ended up writing something like eight songs in four hours. They just kept flowing! When we sang the songs to Paul, (Paul Wright III) he was blown away by how we sang together as if we had been singing together for years. (By the way... He knows a little bit about music. He's been in the industry as a producer, writer, composer and owing his own various labels for over 20 years) He had the idea of forming the first interracial female duo and we agreed and the rest is history! We were signed shortly thereafter to 360MusicWorX/ Capitol Christian Distribution 

Hallels:  Do you think racial divides still exist in Christian music?  What can we do to bring the races together in Christian music? 

Theresa:  definitely think there are racial divides in Christian music. For example, you have the Stellar Awards, which are predominantly attended by Blacks in the gospel community and the Dove Awards, which are predominantly attended by Whites in the Christian community. And that's the way it has always been and it seems that people have just gotten used to it. I think in order to bring the races together in Christian music, all we need to do is be more "open". Open to talk about our differences musically as well as racially. Open to doing some collaborations that may not be typical.  

For example, I would love to hear a worship song with Kari Jobe and Tasha Cobbs, or a cool uptempo with Francesca Battistelli and Jonathan McReynolds The thing I love about AsOne is that, because Lisa and I are really good friends, we can have conversations that the average black person and white person can't have. We talk about everything from hair texture to the differences in church services to singing styles. And, it's those conversations that bring understanding.  

Hallels:  I was reading your biography and Lisa you were quoted in saying: "I go to church to be spiritually fed and filled up..."  I am glad you said that.  There are many Christian artists who don't even attend church.  How does God through the church feed you in terms of your music?  

Lisa:  A plant that is not planted or rooted can not grow. In the same way, we must be planted in a local church and be spiritually fed and filled up by hearing the Word of God. Theresa and I look at this group as a ministry and we know that we can not give what we don't have. If you fill a glass with water and pour it out, the water is gone. But if you continue to fill the glass back up with water you can continue to pour water works in much the same way spiritually. We go to church and get fed so we can give back out with our music and minister to others. 

Hallels:  Let's talk about your upcoming album:  since both of you are writers, are you planning on writing all the songs?  

Theresa: Yes, we wrote all of the songs on the whole album. We have a very natural writing chemistry. We get our computers and coffee and I sit at the piano and Lisa sits in the chair next to me and we just "create". We don't use "tracks". We write old school, with just a piano and our voices. 

Hallels:  Who else in terms of singers or producers or co-writers are involved on this album?  

Theresa:  Our manager, Paul Wright III, who has been a producer in gospel music for many years (Fred Hammond, WOW Gospel, etc) is also a songwriter. Paul, Lisa, and I wrote every song and Paul produced the whole project. He was the obvious choice because "AsOne" was his brainchild! We were also blessed to have Mark Kibble of Take 6 do all of the amazing lush background vocals you hear on "You Prayed Me Through". The McCrary Sisters from Nashville did some amazing Motown-ish backgrounds on "Love Is A Better Way" and Da Truth did the rap on "One." We are so grateful to everyone who shared their talent on this project. Everyone from our string arranger Maestro Lightford to all the musicians completely blew us away. 

Hallels:  I believe you have just released two singles "Hero" and "One."  Can you briefly tell us what each song is about?  

Lisa:  "Hero" is a song that tells the story of a person who is facing a great enemy, when just in time, the undefeated, undisputed Hero steps in and defeats the adversary, saving the day. It's about the true Hero being Jesus Christ. 

"One" is about people of different colors and races uniting together and laying aside our differences to have peace; it's about becoming "One" race... The human race! 

Hallels:  When can we anticipate the release of your new album?  And where can our readers purchase it and/or find out more about you?  

Lisa:  Our debut album releases June 23rd and can be purchased on all digital outlets and most retail outlets. They can visit our website and follow us on Twitter @AsOneMusic and also follow us on Facebook at  





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