Founder of Crystal Cathedral's Robert H. Schuller May Not Survive Pass Easter

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Founder of Crystal Cathedral's Robert H. Schuller may not make it pass Easter.  The famed evangelist has been critically ill. The 88-year-old famed televangelist has battled esophageal cancer since 2013. 

"We at Hour of Power and Shepherd's Grove are deeply saddened to report that our founding pastor, Dr. Robert H. Schuller's health is swiftly declining," reads a Facebook posting by Shepherd's Grove, the new name for Schuller's Crystal Cathedral congregation, on Wednesday. "Please join us in prayer for him and the entire Schuller family during this difficult time. May our most precious Lord and Savior grant them peace and comfort as they gather at his side."

The Orange County Register reported that Schuller's daughter-in-law, Donna Schuller, who is the wife of Robert A. Schuller, said the elder preacher's health has been declining since a digestive tract exploratory procedure in January. Donna says that the family does not expect Schuller to survive pass this week. Schuller's wife, Arvella Schuller, died last February.

"He doesn't seem to be in pain," Donna said, choking up, according to OC Register. "He's had a wonderful life and he'll pass gracefully."

She also noted that it would be meaningful coincidence if Schuller passes away during Easter week. "He always did everything in a grand fashion," she said. "It's just like him." 


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