Future of Forestry Surprises Fans with New Album "Pages"

future of forestry

To the pleasant surprise of fans, Future of Forestry released their brand new album "Pages" without much notification. Seemingly out of nowhere, the 12-song version became immediately available on iTunes, and a special 14 song version is available on the online Future of Forestry store.  

A special 14 song hard copy of the album is also available that contains a Polaroid of Eric Owyoung in the recording studio. This version also includes an immediate download of the project as well. States Eric:"This album is really different than other FOF albums.  I didn't want to spoil it by releasing a few hints or songs ahead of time, so I thought springing a surprise album release would be appropriate.  I wanted the listeners to have immediate access to the music and to be moved as much as I was in the season of writing it." 

Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Hold My Hand
  2. By the Water
  3. Please Let Me Be
  4. How to Fly
  5. Learn to Love
  6. Seasons
  7. Fireflies
  8. Cross the Oceans
  9. Time After Time
  10. Trust
  11. Pages
  12. You're Mine
  13. Slowly
  14. Someone (Acoustic Version)





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