NBC's "A.D. The Bible Continues" Gets Rave Reviews from Max Lucado, Louie Giglio, Joel Osteen & Others

A.D. Beyond the Bible
(Photo : A.D. Beyond the Bible premieres on NBC Spring 2015)

Aired on NBC on April 5th is the much anticipated "A.D. The Bible Continues."  The TV series has had received endorsement and thumbs up from believers as well as Christian leaders. 'A.D. The Bible Continues' picks up where the smash hit miniseries "The Bible" left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed the Crucifixion of Christ. The series was produced by husband and wife duo Roma Downey ("The Bible") and Mark Burnett ("The Bible," "The Voice"). 

Here are some of the comments about the series from some noteable Christian leaders: 

Founder of the Passion Conference, Louie Giglio writes: "Thank you @MarkBurnettTV @RealRomaDowney for using your influence to bring the resurrection story of Jesus to @NBC + world. #ADTheSeries."

Best selling author Max Lucado agrees: "Was inspired and informed by #ADTheSeries tonight. Congrats to@RealRomaDowney & @MarkBurnettTV . this is gonna be special."

Similarly, Christian author and pastor Craig Groeschel gives his seal of approval when he tweets:  "Excited to watch #ADTheSeries tonight. Thankful for @MarkBurnettTV and @RealRomaDowney for their passion for the Bible!"

Lakewood Church's senior pastor Joel Osteen encourages: "Make sure you watch the amazing #ADTheSeries tonight on @NBC 9/8c from our friends @MarkBurnettTV & @RealRomaDowney! "



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