Mia Fieldes Talks About Her Journey from Hillsong to Songwriter to Her New EP "Ashes"

Mia Fieldes

Growing up in Australia, Mia Fieldes would sit in her bedroom doorway, writing letters to God: "I'd say, 'God, one day I want to write songs about You that go all over the world.'" God answered those prayers in amazing ways. Since writing and recording as part of the worship team at Hillsong Church in Sydney, she's collaborated with top Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith, Meredith Andrews, Francesca Battistelli, For King And Country and Matt Maher.

Until now, Fieldes has never stepped out as a recording artist. Her new radio single "Fearless" comes ahead of a five-song EP, "Ashes," scheduled for a May 12 release.

Hallels: Having been to Hillsong Church many times while growing up, it's such an honor to do this interview with you Mia! How did you become a songwriter and leader at Hillsong Church?

I actually attended the college and began to get involved with worship through the Youth Ministry. I eventually started singing on the team and handing in songs. I think having such an amazing worship environment around me and a community that really encouraged me to get better and work on my craft was a massive part of that.

Hallels: Why did you feel a call to leave Hillsong Church for a church in Nashville?

I don't know if it was about feeling called to leave, more just trying to do the season well and know when God was calling me to step into something new. I'd been coming back and forth to Nashville for when God was calling me to step into something new. I'd been coming back and forth to Nashville for years to write with others and it ended up being the next step to move here. Since moving here we have an amazing church that is pastored by fellow Aussies Alex and Henry Seeley called The Belonging Co. It's been a huge part of solidifying for me that this was the right move. Seeing all God has done with songs since being here is amazing, but seeing what he is doing in the church and in people is the real prize.

Hallels: You have mentioned Darlene Zschech as someone who have had inspired you. We have recently done an interview with Darlene and we absolutely love her. How has Darlene inspired you? Will you be working with her in the near future?

Darlene is just all kinds of amazing. She has such an amazing heart to champion the church and always sets others up to win. She has been such a significant part of my journey as a writer and a worship leader. I've collaborated with her a bit in the past and I'd love to work with her again. You never know what the future holds. Thats the great thing about being a part of one big worship family, there's a lot we all end up working on together.

Hallels: Being someone who has written songs for Michael W. Smith, Matt Maher, Lincoln Brewster and so many others, how many songs do you write per month? In terms of near future releases, which artists have cut your songs lately?

I probably write about 10-15 songs a month. It used to be more, but I think the more I've developed as a writer,the less I've had to guess about songs... it's meant I work a bit smarter now instead of harder. As far as songs I've worked on that I'm excited about, I'm really stoked about Lauren Daigle's next single FIRST, it was the first song I cowrote this year. The one's I'm excited about are a bunch I wrote with Meredith Andrews - I can't wait for her record to come out. I always love collaborating with her. There's a song on her upcoming album called SOAR that I really love... actually, there's a lot of songs on her new project that I love. Ha!

Hallels: So, why did you decide to step out to release a solo EP? And how did that happen?

I think the idea of performing always scared me, but I loved to worship lead so when I started to think about it in terms of worship, it felt less intimidating. The way it came about was really a total God thing. Jason Ingram was a massive part of championing this project. He and Jonathan Smith produced it and were a big part of making it happen. The whole thing has felt like an open door that I didn't open, so there's been a real ease to walking through. I'll still continue to write a lot for others though. That's my heart. I keep saying, it's not really a transition from writer to artist, it's more just a writer who has decided to carry a few of the songs.

Hallels: Frankly, I am not a big fan of EPs, they don't feel complete. Is there a full length album coming soon? And if so, when?

Ha! I totally get that. I actually love EP's because I think it gives listeners a chance to really love the songs without being overwhelmed. But you're right- there is something to a full length and we are definitely planning on finishing it out as a full length album. We already have a few of the songs written and I am psyched about them.

Hallels: How do you think this new EP will challenge your listeners, both Christians and non-Christians?

I really believe in the power of songs. I think they have a way of disarming people. So I hope that these songs do that. And I hope they point people to Jesus. He is everything the heart is searching for. That's really the highest goal for me.

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase your music and/or find out more about you, where can they go?

They can check out:<><> which has links to everything, or they can follow me on instagram or twitter @miafieldes I can't promise I'll post inspirational quotes every day, but I will make you laugh every now and then.



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