Barnabas Piper, Son of John Piper, Releases New Book "Help My Unbelief"

Barnabas Piper

Barnabas Piper, son of famed preacher and author John Piper, will be releasing his brand new book Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not The Enemy Of Faith July 1 from David C Cook, Piper invites questioners and searchers to pursue a path towards real belief by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable yet necessary tension between faith, doubt, certainty, mystery and yes, even unbelief.

Millions of people claim to believe in God, but their lives tell just as many stories as to what that really means. In this refreshingly disruptive book, Piper tackles the topic of what it really means to "believe in God," navigating the tension between faith and doubt that begins with an acceptance that belief is not the final destination, but rather a pursuit and process filled with questions, failures and victories.

"'I believe; help my unbelief' [Mark 9:24] is my favorite phrase in scripture," says Piper. "It captures so much of what it means and takes to be a follower of Christ, encapsulating struggle, faith, doubt, obedience, wandering and repentance. It is deeply theological and personal. For these reasons and more, I wrote Help My Unbelief, which explores what real belief is and its relationship with doubt in the life of a believer."

There are incredibly tough questions that believers attempt to tackle and answer on this side of heaven, like:

    "We trust that God is good although the world He created is filled with badness?"

    "We think in terms of scientific evidence, proof, and logic though our holy book tells of miracles

      and supernatural occurrences."

    "We believe God is omnipresent though we can see Him nowhere."

    "We defy the economy of earthly power by following a leader who died to save us, who willingly

      laid down his glory and power, and who calls us to be the least in order to be great?"

Wrestling personally through these and more tough questions of Christianity, Barnabas learned through observing his own life, the world around him and the teachings of Scripture that discovering an infinite God as a finite human is an act of exploration. It is a process of learning, and then embracing the God who not only desires our belief, but also actually welcomes our curiosity that pulls toward a deeper, more real understanding of following Jesus.

"A Christian who doesn't know the tension of 'I believe; help my unbelief' might not be a Christian at all, or at least a very infantile one," suggests Piper in the book. "Our faith is one of brutal tensions. Not everyone can express this, but every Christian knows it. We feel it in our gut... Tension is our state of being for all of this life, and to live as a believer is to live in it."

Available at, Christian retailers and everywhere great books are sold July 1, readers curious about this new book can get a sneak peak now of the "Belief Is Relationship" excerpt available to read at

Leading up to the release of Help My Unbelief, Piper will also be sharing the thoughts and experiences of several of his friends, authors, church leaders, writers and thinkers who honestly answer questions about faith and doubt. You can read the first of these at TheBlazingCenter.comwith Christine Hoover, author of The Church Planting Wife and From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel.



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