Indian Worship Leader Sheldon Bangera Releases His Integrity Music Debut

Sheldon Bangera

Worship leader Sheldon Bangera has just released his Integrity Music debut "Raaja Hai Mahaan." The album, which translates in English as "Our King Is So Great," documents both Sheldon's personal spiritual life and also that of the Indian church in 2015.  It follows his 2014 release of Nachoonga ("Undignified"), whose joyful title track is featured on YouTube

"This album (Raaja Hai Mahaan) is a reflection of many seasons with God, some of them we've been singing for the last 5-7 years," says Sheldon. "They mark personal experiences and reflections of what God is doing with the Church. They are songs of hope and I feel like the whole aesthetic of it will be a blessing to many, even people who don't understand or speak Hindi." 

Sheldon Bangera is a lead worshiper, songwriter, producer and conference speaker. He has written over 200 songs and travels throughout India, bridging the gap between western worship and the indigenous Indian church. Along with his wife Anita, Bangera also ministers to young couples addressing topics of love, sex and marriage and sharing a message of grace and empowerment for the most vulnerable in their culture. 

Sonically, the album presents an "east meets west" vista, blending traditional Indian sounds with a western worship flavor, making Raaja Hai Mahaan a celebration of cultural diversity. Inspired by a good friend in England, Sheldon decided to write what he describes as a "new part of God's bigger picture of the east meeting the west in worship." 

Bringing these two worlds together through songs on Raaja Hai Mahaan, the album has given a western audience the chance to glimpse an interesting and exciting perspective on what God is doing in Sheldon's home country.  

He elaborates, "Colour! It is beautiful. In the middle of the chaos and brokenness, we see the compassion of a great and mighty God. Culturally, there is a fresh wave of Indian-ness and the belongingness and awareness of being Indian is being felt like never before." 

The complete tracklist for Raaja Hai Mahaan is as follows: 

  1. Pause (God You Are Great) 

  1. Jai Jai Naam (Hail Jesus' Name) 

  1. Mere Jeevan (In My Life) 

  1. Aye Mere Mann (O My Soul) 

  1. Raaja hai mahaan (Our King Is So Great) 

  1. Stuti gao stuti (Sing His Praises) 

  1. Chillakar Gaoonga (I Will Sing And Shout) 

  1. Forevermore 

  1. Samarth Hai (There Is Power) 

  1. Aatmare (Holy Spirit) 

  1. The Upside-Down Kingdom 

  1. Anand Ki Bharpuri (Fullness Of Joy)



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