David Liscum of House of Peace Shares the Vision Behind Their New Album: "We Are Diverse But Unified"

House of Peace

South Florida-based worship band House of Peace has just released, "Into the Great Unknown," produced by a variety of producers, including multi-award winning Christian music producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Amy Grant, Stephen Curtis Chapman) and his brother, Scott Cash, as well as Cody Norris (Chris Tomlin, Aaron Shust), Yochanan Marcellino (John Waller, The Identical) and House of Peace's lead singer and songwriter, David Liscum. 

The 11-song project celebrates the band's credo of diversity through unity by incorporating a broad range of contemporary musical styles paired with ancient, time-honored theological themes. The result is a listening experience that is at once God-honoring, ear-pleasing and soul-refreshing.

We are so honored to catch up with David Liscum for this exclusive interview:

Hallels:  Why call yourselves "House of Peace"?

House of Peace represents the body of Christ. We are diverse but unified. Unity is an important part of  our walk, whether it is in our relationships, church, or a group of believers. It generally requires work. There are many groups that are trying to bring racial division in this age. The church has to be the leading voice of unity. That's what House of Peace represents. We also find this in our music. We have many different musical styles. We like everything from Coldplay, to Jesus Culture, to pop radio, to indie stuff. Musically, we bring this diversity, but bring it all together. 

Hallels:  In your bio, you said that "evangelism" is a huge component of what you do, what do you mean by that?

Right now we are raising money for a missions trip overseas to not only tour, but to witness, and minister. We don't really care about the whole concert setting, as much as doing really key events that make an impact. Ministering and sharing the Lord are really more important to us. Our music is a vehicle that opens the doors to minister. 

Hallels:  What was it like to have Ed Cash (Chis Tomlin, Kari Jobe) to co-produce 5 songs on your new album?  What do you think he brings to the album that you appreciate? 

Ed's great and so is his brother Scott. I really consider them men of God. That's really important to me. They both have really great hearts for worship, and I believe that's why God continues to bless them. Ed is amazing at what he does, he has a fantastic ear, is an amazing song writer and he has lots of cutting edge toys in the studio. He is surrounded by gifted people, and I think ultimately you end up with an amazing song when the process is done.

Hallels:  I love "Passover Lamb" and how you incorporate the hymn "Nothing But the Blood" in it.  What do you think is the value of hymn singing? And whenever you lead worship, would you sing a hymn? 

For me, I once heard a quote from Paul Baloche about how it's important to have theological messages in our songs. A lot of the great hymn writers of old used "grace" as a platform and as an inspiration. Passover Lamb taps into that inspiration. The message of grace never gets old. We all need grace and lots of of it.  I definitely love hymns, it just depends how it's done. I think that if there is passion and Spirit, any song can be just as worshipful as one written a hundred years ago.

Hallels:  What are you most excited about your new album "Into the Great Unknown"?

I guess just being able to share our hearts with others, and have other people connect to your songs.I feel like there is a lot of variety on the album, so there is something for everyone. Most of the songs that I wrote came out of a home fellowship setting where it was spontaneous. For me, I feel like I am reconnecting people to the setting where my heart was filled up with His presence.

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