Audrey Assad Offers a FREE 4-Song EP

Audrey Assad

Singer and songwriter Audrey Assad has released an EP entitled "Arrow" under her band name LEVV, a 4 song EP.  Assad was fist signed to Sparrow Records where her debut album "The House You're Building" which was voted Christian album of the Year by and Christian break through album by iTunes. Currently, Assad is working on her hymns album.

"Audrey here. I am hoping you'll read the following because it contains some very very exciting stuff, and at least one very, very terrible dad joke. :)

I've talked about it a lot, but in case I missed reaching you with the news, a while back I formed a band called LEVV with my friend Seth Jones. We've been working on music for nearly three years now, and today--today it is finally here! What's more, you can get our first EP, Arrow, on Noisetrade for free--because we love you!! (Or should I say we LEVV dad joke game is strong) A little background: when I was still making records with a major record label, an emotional/spiritual/artistic crisis began in my heart that simmered for many months and finally boiled over. It's a long story, but I wasn't happy making music inside the particular constraints of the industry I found myself in, and I finally got up the courage to try and change my situation when I read Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, in the winter of 2011. For whatever reason that story and its author (whose first name is Lev in Russian--thus, the band name) made me believe that I could make art without fear. I buried myself in a little writers' room at my publisher's office and wrote a few songs and used Logic to demo them (they were terrible but I had so much fun!) and I went to Seth Jones and asked if he'd help me track some of them. We'd written together quite a few times, and there in that little studio in Germantown we realized our creative partnership had more love to give the world than just writing songs: at some point we decided LEVV should be a band. So here we are!!

Go to to download the free 4 song EP.

Featuring the single Arrow and fan-fav Dream. Our first single, Arrow, is inspired in large part by Bernini's statue of St. Teresa in Ecstasy. You'll find, I think, that LEVV makes music that reverberates with spirituality but embraces Mystery with open arms. In this, LEVV is different than what I do as Audrey Assad (make praise/worship music with liturgical influences--soundtracks for prayer, if you will) but I am invested in it with just as much love and passion and effort.

I hope you'll enjoy this taste of our upcoming EP, Strange Fire--I'll be in touch about when that will release. But for now, go get Arrow for free!! There are two awesome remixes by Super Duper and Isaiah Tejada, as well as a B-side called "Dream" which I've played at a ton of Audrey shows in the last few years. Many of you asked if I'd release it--so here it is. :) this will not be going up on iTunes or anything, so downloading the Arrow EP is your one chance to get it! Any tips we get will go towards supporting our amazing remix artists and into making new LEVV music this fall! If you love it feel free to leave us a buck or a few...we promise to put it to good use!

Going back to Audrey Assad news... I am hard at work to finish Inheritance, my upcoming hymns/praise and worship record. So many of you have pre-ordered on Pledge Music and I want to thank you so much for that. We are still running the pre-sale and would love to have you on board if you aren't already--we are about to announce some really cool new items and if you pledge you can get access to tons of studio updates and videos I've been posting while we track. In a week or two we'll be finishing up vocals, adding guitars and some extra finishing touches. It's coming along beautifully and I can't wait for you to hear it!! Head to PledgeMusic to find out more."


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