Exclusive Interview: David Dunn Reveals the Stories Behind His New Abum "Crystal Clear"

David Dunn

Singer and songerwiter David Dunn has just released his full-length album, Crystal Clear, on June 23 with BEC Recordings. The LP is the follow up to David's EP of the same name, which released July 2014. 

Crystal Clear features 13 tracks, including new songs "Ready To Be Myself," "No Matter What," and "Broken Cathedrals." The LP also includes his successful radio single "Today Is Beautiful." This album will be his sixth album to date, but his first full-length album with BEC Recordings.
David will continue to tour this summer to promote Crystal Clear.

Hallels:  Thanks David for your time.  After reading through your biography, you seem to have had quite a journey from engineering to being a singer-songwriter which even includes a trip to Africa.  Tell us how did the Lord call you to sing for him with the release of this new record?

That's such a long story because I loved both engineering and music....the short version of the tale is that I tormented over what I was supposed to do with myself for like a year.  Begging the Lord to give me a burning bush, or a hand on the wall and tell me exactly what I should do vocationally, but He never did.  So my decision came down to this.  Doing my best as an engineer is important, and God would be pleased.  Doing my best as a musician is important, and God will be pleased, but music allows me to see the fruit of my labor immediately.  I get to see my creation have an immediate, real and emotional impact on someone's life.  I write a song and get to SEE IT come alive.  And THAT is why I do what I do.

Hallels:  You also appeared on "The Voice."  How did that happen?  What were your some of your reflections on the time you were on "The Voice"?

It was one of the most fun months of my life.  They lock us up in a sweet hotel in LA with 150 other people who play music and are abnormally interesting, tell us we can't leave, gave us money for food, and we just hung out.  It was like kids camp.  I still have some awesome relationships with people from that show.

Hallels:  Tell us about the making of "Crystal Clear."  What were some of the blessings and challenges in the making of this album?

Crystal Clear as a whole is a record that is dealing with the question of "God why are you letting THIS happen to me."  The Job question.  And it was a hard album to write because I don't know the answer.  But what I do know is this.  No matter what we go through, no matter what torment and pain, HIS LOVE is always Crystal Clear.

Hallels:  One song that really moved me was "Six (Waiting for Love)."  For our readers who may not have heard it, can you tell us what the song's about?  What was the inspiration behind this song?

Six is a tune about people who find themselves in insurmountable situations.  The first two people in the song/story are dealing with terminal cancer and alcohol addiction and they sing out to God "Where are you in this?!  I'm waiting for You to stop this."  The third story is of a man unjustly crucified for someone else's crime and the man is Jesus.  So I don't know why God allows people to go through terrible things, but I do know that He went through death on a cross that he didn't deserve.  So He knows what we go through, and He understands our plight and even though I don't know why we have to go through what we go through, I know that He loves; before, during, and after our torment.

Hallels:  What about your new single "Today is Beautiful," what's the story behind this song?

"Today Is Beautiful" is a song about a trip my family and I took to Disneyland.  My 5 siblings, their spouses, and their combined 1,200 children...

Needless to say, my nieces and nephews were ECSTATIC about being there, and yes, so was their Uncle Dave. 

After a few hours of Pooh Bear and Mr. Toad, I witnessed a meltdown of epic proportion.   Brady, my 4-year-old nephew, was pitching a sobbing, hysterical fit because his 6-year-old sister Addie wouldn't let him push the stroller.

In that moment, the stroller and the problem it posed became Brady's entire world.  It was all he could think about.  And because it wasn't going the way he wanted, he worked himself into complete misery over the perceived huge problem...

And let's not forget that all of this happened in the middle of Disneyland, a place whose slogan is "the happiest place on earth." 

As I watched the hysteria unfold, I couldn't stop thinking what a great example this was of how humanity functions.  We focus on the little things that aren't going our way, the tiny problems that are directly in front of us, instead of lifting our eyes to see and remember that we're in DISNEYLAND!  The happiest place on earth!  A place where we have a God who loves and wants the best for us!  All we need do is lift our eyes and see our problems in His light instead of ours.  Once we shift our perspective, the problem we think is so massive often becomes a stroller our sister won't let us push.

Lord, help ME remember that the next time someone won't let me push the stroller that I should lift my eyes and see that, yup! I'm in Disneyland!  And today is indeed a beautiful one.

Hallels:  Are you currently touring in support of this new record?  What can our readers expect from a live performance from you?

Yup! Playing a bunch of one-off shows this summer and then a tour in the fall with Kutless and Mark Schultz.  You can expect a show with some great music, fun stories, and a great hang! Bring it!

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you or purchase your new album, where can they go?

Fans can visit to learn more. To purchase the album, click on this link:

Twitter: davidtdunn Facebook: daviddunnmusic Instagram: davidtdunn



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