Stu G Releases 'The Stageit Sessions' EP

Stu G

Former Delirious guitarist and One Sonic Society member Stu G has released a new 5 track EP titled 'The Stageit Sessions.'  Fans can purchase the EP now on  iTunes and Amazon MP3.  Recorded live during Stu's live on-line Stageit shows earlier this year, the EP includes Delirious favourites 'Solid Rock' and 'Come Like You Promise', plus 'Carry My Burdens' and 'King Of The Stars' from Stu's 2013 solo album 'Of Burdens, Birds and Stars'.

Additionally, the EP features the track 'For All My Days' which was written by Stu G and Matt Maher. "Take a look back at the live stream from the private Stageit performances in January and March 2015. The Stageit Sessions were recorded as these intimate performances took place LIVE in your living room", explains Stu. 

"You don't want to miss out on this stripped back, raw, and honest EP."

Stu is best known as the guitarist for the British band Delirious?, who, for nearly two decades, penned many of the best known worship songs in modern Christendom.

'The Stageit Sessions' Track Listing:
1. Solid Rock
2. Carry My Burdens
3. For All My Days
4. King Of The Stars 

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