Tasha Cobbs "One Place Live" Album Review

Tasha Cobbs

Prime Cuts: Jesus Saves, Solid Rock (with Jamie Grace), Fill Me Up

On her preceding debut studio "Grace," we met Cobbs.  A Spirit-imbued worshipper brimming with a holy passion bursting at the seams, we were awed by how she belted out worship sizzlers such as "For Your Glory," "Grace," and "Break Every Chain."  But somehow her energetic verve had been circumscribed on her debut studio album.  Now, with "One Place Live," we find Cobbs uncaged as she delivers what is over an hour's worth of dynamic worship.  Here she rips and roars with a holy abandonment.  Here she soothes and stings with her Godly Scripture-soaked words.  And here she rattles and shatters inviting us into a Spirit-led experience.  Recorded live at Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina, with thousands of worshippers in attendance, "One Place Live" is signature Tasha Cobbs - replete with passionate, heart-tugging songs that instantly infuse the spirit.

Tasha Cobbs is one of the breakout stars of the Gospel music industry. Her #1 national debut, "Grace," remains at the top of Billboard's Gospel Albums chart two years after it was released. That album netted Cobbs a Grammy Award, three Dove Awards and three Stellar Gospel Music Awards. Cobbs encompasses everything that makes a Gospel artist influential and relevant both inside and outside the four walls of the church: purity of heart; a singular, God-focused passion for ministry; and an unwavering commitment to musical excellence.  "One Place Live," her much anticipated follow-up, is produced by Vashawn Mitchell.  It is already causing waves on radio as lead single "Jesus Saves" is already a #1 smash.

Cobbs starts off well with "Immediately;" a joy-saturated praise anthem with lots of singalong segments, choir directors would do well to incorporate it into their repertoire.  Her passion for Jesus through her terse (but powerful) testimony sharing moment at the intro of "Jesus Did It" reveals Cobbs' Jesus besotted heart.  But if you are looking for those smooth R&B style worship ballads sung with a throttle full of emotions, then "Fill Me Up" is right up your alley.  In the same trajectory is the lead single "Jesus Saves."  While many Gospel artists think they can get away with a poorly structured song with their live impromptu rantings, "Jesus Saves" takes no short cuts.  Rather, telling the story of Christ's redemption with perspicuity, "Jesus Saves" is a deftly crafted song.

This time around, Cobbs has invited a few guests to sing with her.  While Kierra Sheard joins Cobbs on the somehow predictable Gospel shut-out "Put a Praise On It," Jamie Grace's duet here is something to write home about. "The Solid Rock" finds Cobbs breaking out of her comfort zone in tackling what is an acoustic-sounding piece with flashes of country, reggae, and folk all mixed into it.  Fans who are willing to invest in this album need to be aware that "One Place Live" comes in five different configurations: CD (11 tracks); Digital Album (11 tracks); Limited Tour Edition (Wal-Mart Exclusive / 15 tracks); Digital Deluxe (16 tracks) and Vinyl (8 tracks).

If you love her previous album "Grace," you will love this new record even more.  Here Cobbs feels freer and more herself in delivering what is more than an hour's worth of worship without walls. 



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