Mia Fieldes On How She Became a Songwriter for Hillsong, Kari Jobe, Michael W. Smith and Others

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Mia Fieldes, once a worship leader at Hillsong Church and writer of such worship classics like Hillsong's "It's Your Love," recently testifies about how God gave her the opportunities to write for Him.  On social media, she writes: "When I was 14, I would write letters to God and say 'One day I wanna write songs about You that go all over the world..." 

Further, Fieldes reveals that she did not have what it would take to become a prominent writer or leader. "I wasn't the most likely, or talented, or the most anything really..." she confides. "In fact I was the unpopular kid from a town of 3000 people who played the Euphonium really badly...."

Nevertheless, our God is faithful.  While Fieldes was attending Hillsong Church she became involved in the creative arts department.  Through the encouragement of Hillsong's worship pastor then Darlene Zschech, she started to lead worship and write songs for the church. "But God hears and is faithful... And he took me on the journey of my heart... I didn't know it would mean navigating so much of my own insecurity... Or that there would be a lot of disappointment and letting go along the way... But true to who He is, God took every broken thing I could bring and made it whole and holy... Because that's who He is... It's funny how I wanted to write songs about God, and that God used the very thing he put in my heart to pull me closer to Him... I've been writing songs for others for 14 years... "

Later, she's collaborated with top Christian artists such as Michael W. Smith, Meredith Andrews, Matt Maher and Kari Jobe to name a few. In 2013, Mia won ASCAP and BMI awards for the hit collaboration "Proof Of Your Love," recorded by For King & Country. Her recent song with Francesca Battistelli, "He Knows My Name," has seen consecutive weeks as a #1 on radio.

But for all her penning of memorable gems, Fieldes has never stepped out as a recording artist-until now. Her new radio single "Fearless" comes ahead of a five-song EP, "Ashes," scheduled for a May release. "For me it's always about serving others, bringing the right song for others to carry," she says. "I often tell people, I'm a 'Jonathan', not a 'David.' I just want to be no. 1 at being no. 2, so it's definitely a step of faith doing a project like this. Having said that, it's not really a transition from 'writer' to 'artist'-but more 'writer' who, for this season, is saying 'yes' to carrying a few songs." 

Fieldes adds:  "My friend @iamjonguerra has a line in one of his songs that says "We have stains it's true, but when your light shines through, we all look like stained glass windows to You"... And I think that sums it up perfectly... It's amazing what God does with the pieces.... "



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