Crystal Lewis Discusses with Hallels Her 28th Self-Titled Album

Crystal Lewis

Crystal Lewis is a critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter, multi-Dove Award winner and Grammy nominee. In a day and age where so many artists come and go, her voice has withstood the test of time. Over the course of nearly three decades, Lewis has released more than 27 albums (including seven albums in Spanish, two live albums, two Christmas albums and a children's album). Now she has released her brand new self-titled album. We are honored to be able to catch up with her.

Hallels:  Congratulations Crystal for the release of your 28th album "Crystal Lewis."  Being a veteran in Christian music, how do you think the genre has changed and/or remained the same after all these years?

It seems to me that there's been something of a shift from artist concerts to 'worship bands'. Yes artists still tour, but Churches don't seem as eager to book concerts. It feels as though the mega churches are into developing their own brand and bands from within leaving many of us to seek other kinds of venues....which i think is great, actually.  It's just different than it used to be.  

Hallels:  Do you feel the pressure to stay "current" or do you just do whatever the Lord has laid on your heart?

There is definitely a balance to be found between doing what people want to hear and feeling free to just let the creativity flow! If you want to make a living at your art you need to find that balance. 

Hallels:   Why did simply name your new album "Crystal Lewis"?   

I tossed around several other ideas and options for titles but i settled on my name because the project feels so autobiographical. i'm at a turning point in life, in age, in music, etc and in many ways it feels like a new beginning, a new season.  it's a pretty common thing for artists to self-title their debut projects, not so common to do so 25+ years in to the game... but as i said, this feels like a new start in so many ways, it felt appropriate.

Hallels:  What are some of the major themes you want to convey through this new record?  

The song titles really tell the story! beginning again, moving on, letting go, faithful, loving each other.... 

Hallels:  If you have to choose two songs as way of introducing your new record to our readers, which would they be?  And why? 

Definitely Love Each Other... it's my secret favorite! and perhaps Let Go. they represent the 2 different producers, which means they have slightly different feels... but also represent how cohesive the project still feels. 

Hallels:  After writing songs for all these years, does writing come easy for you?  What is the most challenging song to write from this new album?  And why? 

Song writing has rarely come easy for me... and it was exponentially more difficult this time around!  occasionally i get an idea that flows easily... love each other was like that. but more often than not it takes TIME and WORK!! i think the most challenging song on this project was Faithful. LOTS of lyrics saying basically the same thing but in multiple variations!  i kept realizing i'd already used an analogy or word or rhyme... took me a long time!! 

Hallels:  Not long ago we published a couple of articles on your daughter,including an interview article too.  Any plans of doing a duet album with IzzI Ray? 

Ooooh i hope so!! Probably not any time soon.... but one day i hope too. 

Hallels:  Are you or will you be touring in support of this new record?  And where can our readers go to find out about your tour dates and venues?

Yes! Definitely in 2016 we will be taking this show on the road! my website,, will have updates and tour dates as they become available 

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