Tiff Joy Chats with Hallels About "Amazing" & Her New Album

Tiff Joy

After a few years of floating in the backdrop of the gospel music industry as a singer/songwriter collaborating with several seasoned acts, the twenty-something TIFF JOY's explosive voice dominated the gospel airwaves in 2014 as the featured instrument on Ricky Dillard & New G's Grammy Award nominated radio smash "Amazing" that spent an astounding 30 weeks at #1 on Billboard Magazine's Gospel Airplay chart. Now, the Chicago native is stepping onto center stage with her self-titled debut solo album "TIFF JOY" (WalkWay Entertainment/Tyscot) that features the soul-stirring radio hit "The Promise." 

Hallels: Tiff, when and how did you hear the Lord's call to sing for Him?

Hi Hallels,I've been singing since I was a little girl. However, Ithink had an incline of this journey in high school. I'd been singingin church and one random day after school, I believe my junior year, Iknew that singing/writing was a part of my life's journey.

Hallels: Many of us came to know you for writing and singing with Ricky Dillard's "Amazing." How did you get to work with Ricky Dillard?

I had been singing the song around Chicago for some years, prior toRicky hearing the song. So, the group that I was singing with, Mr.Donald Lawrence happened to hear me singing it with them and to myunderstanding, he took to the song to Ricky and introduced him to it.In which I am still in awe of. Completely Grateful.

Hallels: Did you expect "Amazing" to be such a big hit?

Honestly, I didn't. I didn't expect it to end up with Ricky. lol Ifigured that the song had ran it's course and it was done. When it gotrecorded by Ricky Dillard and New G, I still didn't think it would doTHIS lol. I knew it wasn't your average choir sound. So, I didn't knowhow people would receive it.

Hallels: How then did you get signed to VaShawn Mitchell's label?

I recorded my album maybe a few months prior to Ricky's recording. So,it was done and I wanted to shop it around. Some of my teammates hadclose relationships with VaShawn and we shopped the album to him. Hebelieved in it and I'm forever grateful for him investing in me. Iknow you invest in what you believe in.

Hallels: Your brand new album is a live worship record. What was itlike recording a live album? What was most memorable about therecording night?

The live recording was very nice. I remember being so nervous lol.However, I made it through. It was a good setting. When I look back onthat night, I just think of how GOD was with us. I also think abouthow all of my teammates pulled together to produce such a great bodyof work. Those are my real thoughts when I look back.

Hallels: I simply love the ballads on the record. And you were soworshipful when you sing them. What inspires you to write such beautiful songs of worship?

Thank you. So glad you're feeling them. My inspiration is GOD. Justthinking of HIM and all HE is (that which my mind can contain orfathom), it puts me there. How and Perfect GOD and Love on and throughus imperfect people. Yeah, It puts those words in me.

Hallels: Why did you choose to cover Planetshakers' "Healer"?

I chose to do 'Healer' because it's one of my favorites. This songs isa Faith song. It says "I Believe..." I think it's so important thatwe're not just out here singing about someone we don't necessarilybelieve in. JESUS often asked "Do you believe?'. I absolutely BelieveHE IS. I love this song. HE's my Healer, my portion and ALL I NEED.

Hallels: Where can our readers go to learn more about you and your music?

To learn more about me, you can follow me on Facebook as and Instagram, twitter andperiscope as @1tiffjoy. You can also Visit 

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