Exclusive Interview: Kingdom Heirs Explain Their "New Look"

Kingdom Heirs

The Kingdom Heirs have just released their brand new Sonlite Records album "A New Look."  They have been nominated many times for industry awards such as The SGMA Awards, Dove Awards and The Singing News Fan Awards. Winning Newcomer Group of the Year in 1989, the group has been a constant favorite.

The latest award is 2014 Band of the Year, which the band also won in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2013. They have also had many top ten songs, and currently have had 38 top 5 songs in a row and 11 number 1 songs including their latest number #1 song,"I'll Know I'm Home", "The Borrowed Tomb", "Just Beyond The Sunset" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Just Preach Jesus" (Nominated for Song of the Year), "Tell Me Why" and "He Locked The Gates" . Over the past years they have had 28 songs nominated for Song of the Year. 

Hallels:  Thank you so much for doing this interview with us.  Coming right out of NQC, what was the highlight for you this year?

Jerry- The highlight for me was having a brand new album released the week of NQC with our baritone Brian Alvey. These songs are incredible and we really worked hard on this recording. It was nice to get the response we have so far on it and as quickly as we have. 
Arthur-NQC is always fun for us because we get to hang out with all our friends in other groups that we don't get to see much working at DW most of the year. 

The exciting thing this year was showing off our new front line with Brian as baritone. 
Hallels:  For some of our readers who may have had missed this year's NQC, what were the songs you performed?

Jerry - We performed more from our new album A New Look.  Songs like Pieces and More Like Jesus which was written by our drummer Dennis Murphy. The Chain Gang which is our current radio single, the title cut A New Look as well as As Many Times and another great song featuring Brian called Never Made A Promise. 
Arthur-We sang several off the new album but we always have to do some fan favorites. 
Hallels:  Congratulations on the release also of your new allbum "A New Look."  Why did you name the record "A New Look"?

Arthur- Anytime you have a personnel change it takes some time to reacquaint folks with the new face especially since it took nearly 6 months to make that change and it fit the title song from the cd.

Hallels:  Did you approach this new record any differently in terms of the songs or the recording? 

Arthur- We really didn't. We always start by picking songs that minister to us first. I had a bunch of songs on hold since we were a year overdue on a new album, so there were a bunch of great songs to choose from.  

Hallels:  In my review of your album, I raved about "Power in the Bones."  It's such an unusual song about Elijah's bones.  For our readers who have not heard it yet, what's the song about? Why did you choose this song?

Arthur-It's actually about Elisha's bones.  I've always had a special place in my heart for senior adults, in fact that has been my Sunday school class for several years. 

I ran across that verse a couple years ago and it really jumped out at me that even after Elisha died, there was still enough God on him to raise the dead.  
I wanted the song to encourage our seniors to not 'retire' from serving the Lord. If anything that's when they should work the hardest. They've been through the storms of life, they've witnessed the hand of the Lord in their own lives and have walked with Him many years. 

We should listen to their advise and watch how they serve the Lord. Their lives should encourage all of us to stay faithful in our service. 

Hallels:  Mark Bishop wrote "The Chain Gang."  How did you get to record one of his compositions?  Ayny chance you guys may record a duet with Mark somewhere down the line? 

Arthur-We've actually recorded several songs with Mark in the past. He's a great songwriter and I love the twist he puts on lyrics.

Hallels:  Has there been a radio single released off the new record yet?  If so, tell us more about it?

Arthur-The new single is Chain Gang. It talks of how satan has the world bound in the chains of sin but Christ came to break those chains of bondage. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like t attend one of your concerts and to find out more about you, where can they go?

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