In 1991 Glen Campbell Releases "Show Me Your Way"

Glen Campbell

In 1991, Glen Campbell released his 48th album "Show Me Your Way." "Show Me Your Way" is a contemporary Christian album, and it bears many of the hallmarks of the genre of that time: crystal-clear production, an over-reliance on synthesizers, and God-centered lyrics. The album went to number 19 on the Contemporary Christian chart. "Greatest Gift Of All" went to number 22 Christian Hits, but went number 6 adult contemporary. in fact all four singles went top ten AC, including "The Wayward Son," "Jesus And Me," and "Where Are We Going." 

The album features two Jimmy Webb songs, "Where I Am Going" and "The Four Horsemen." Geoff Thurman and Jamie Page's "The Wayward Son" is the best track here, since the tune and the production are in harmony with each other. Steve Hardin's "A Few Good Man" is another highlight.

Track listing
1."The Greatest Gift Of All" (T.J. Kuenster) (duet with Russ Taff) - 4:41
2."Jesus And Me" (Phil Driscoll, Lari Goss) - 2:56
3."Where I Am Going" (Jimmy Webb) - 4:09
4."The Wayward Son" (Geoff Thurman, Jamie Page) - 4:12
5."Unto The Least Of These" (Phillip Sandifer, Bob Bennett) - 4:06
6."Show Me Your Way" (Craig Fall) (duet with Anne Murray) - 3:18
7."The Savior I Sing Of Today" (Jerry Crutchfield) - 2:57
8."A Few Good Men" (Steve Hardin) - 3:51
9."Where Shadows Never Fall" (Carl Jackson, Jim Weatherly) (duet with Kelly Nelon Thompson) - 3:00
10."The Four Horsemen" (Jimmy Webb) - 5:05

Glen Campbell - vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Hemby - acoustic guitar
Shane Keister - keyboards
Phil Nash - keyboards
Dann Huff - electric guitar
Paul Leim - drums
Gary Lunn - bass guitar
David Hungate - bass guitar
Farrell Moris - percussion
Carl Morris - synthesizer
Background vocals - Wendy Suit Johnson, Lisa Silver, Bergen White, Geoff Thurman, Chris Harris, Christ Church Choir, Chris Rodriguez
Strings - The A Strings

Executive producer - Bill Gaither
Producers - Jonathan David Brown, Ken Harding, Bergen White
Recorded by Jonathan David Brown
Arranged by Bergen White
Photography - Peter Nash
Art direction - Larry Newlon/Powell Creative Group
Assistant engineers - Patrick Kelly, Todd Robbins

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