Pastor Kong Hee Saddened by the Length of His 8-Year Sentence (Read His Response Here)

Kong Hee

On Friday, November 20, senior pastor and founder of Singapore's megachurch CITY Harvest Church (CHC) Kong Hee has been sentenced to eight years' jail for his role in misusing millions of church funds. The leaders of the church (Kong Hee included) were accused of misappropriating $24 million in church funds, funnelling them into bogus investments that funded the singing career of the pastor's wife, Ms Ho Yeow Sun. Later, a further $26 million was used to cover their track

On Facebook, Kong Hee said he was saddened by the sentence.  He writes: 

Today, the protracted five and a half years of investigation and court trial have finally come to an end. I thank the Lord that His grace has been more than sufficient for me during this extremely trying time. I am also eternally grateful to the many church members and wonderful friends, both local and abroad, who have been standing with me in prayer and moral support. Your love continues to uphold me daily.

With the close of the court trial, this season of pain and turmoil for City Harvest Church should soon come to an end. As a spiritual family, we have all learned many valuable lessons of life. Moving forward, these lessons will make us better Christians and a stronger church.

Unfortunately, I must continue to face some very difficult days ahead. This afternoon, the sentence has been passed, and naturally I am saddened by the length of it. I am presently studying the judgement and sentence carefully with my lawyers, and will make a meaningful decision whether to appeal in due course.

I continue to ask for your prayers during this time. I love and appreciate you so much. Thank you for loving me and my family.

Humbly yours,



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