Mission 6 Releases New Album "Into the Unknown"

Mission 6

Mission Six (sometimes shown as Mission 6 or just M6) has just released their brand new album Into the Unknown. Of the new album, the band writes: "By God's grace, we have been able to see the first two parts of the vision become a reality (The Devotion and the TV Show). Now, thanks to your help, our new album "Into the Unknown" is finished and released!!! "

"God has always been faithful in the past and we know He will continue to be in the future. We have no idea what he plans to do with this album but we are excited to see what He does and are so excited that you are apart of this with us!" 

They have released 4 studio albums. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Noah Hayden, bass player Michael Powers, drummer David Horner, keys Isaac Alling, & lead guitar Lucas Ball. 

The band was formed in Evansville, Indiana in 2005 when they were just in 5th grade. Noah, Isaac, Michael, & David grew up together playing sports and went to the same Christian school. Knowing that they all had instrumental abilities and a desire to serve God, they started Mission Six. Michael Powers, their bass player, stated in a 2011 iShine Knect "Mission Six Spotlight" episode, " was just kind of a pipe dream, 'why don't we start a band- do something different?'"

Anthony Barthel, (former guitarist), was homeschooled & moved to a different part of town, where he met the boys. Barthel says in the iShine episodes "he hardly knew how to play guitar", so he joined the band. Hayden & Horner's fathers were both senior pastors, so they practiced at their church & the band was official. Lucas Ball then joined the band in 2012. The band said later in an iShine interview that Lucas Ball joined the band as a result of their paths crossing together. They were in need of a new guitar player due to Barthel's departure and found Lucas at an Olive Garden restaurant. Ball was their waiter and they began to discuss how each of their lives had been, eventually they had Ball join the band.Lucas had grown up in the same town and served in the same church as the boys.

Their band name reflects on their mission to put God first. That is why they include God as their 6th band member, hence the name Mission Six. Mission Six was first featured on Radio Disney. They starred in the iShine KNECT TV show with the rest of the iShine Artists, such as, The Rubyz, Jamie Grace, Rachel Chan, Spencer Kane, & Tate Huesman. Their first album was released with Bema Media in July 2008, called Superhero, 


01. One Voice
02. Shake the Dust
03. Nothing at All
04. The Unknown
05. Beat in My Heart
06. Forward Motion
07. Paralyzed
08. Arrows
09. Say Yes
10. Let It Be Yours


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