Kari Jobe's Niece Dies

Kari Jobe
(Photo : Kari Jobe 'Majestic' (Capitol CMG))

Singer and songwriter Kari Jobe may have recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary with fellow worship leader and husband Cody Carnes, but not all is rosy.  Jobe's sister, Kris, recently lost her baby girl seven and a half months into her own pregnancy, James Ivy.

Kari shared, "My family already loved this unborn baby as a daughter, sister, niece and granddaughter. Dreams we held for the future disappeared...Losing my niece was the worst shock of my life. I've been pretty quiet over the past two months because there's not much to say when your heart is out of words. Posting short updates and encouragements on social media doesn't come so easily when your soul is in deep pain."

Kari says she has dealt with this tragic situation by being honest with God. "During this hard season, I've learned it's always best to be absolutely honest with the Lord...Bringing our questions to the Lord turns our sadness into trust and worship. This newfound faith brings a shift in the atmosphere of our hearts as God brings beauty from pain and peace from tragedy," she said. Jobe added, "God always provides us with gifts to help us live with grace through the hard seasons. For our family, those gifts include Duke, Kris and Michael's amazing two and a half year old son, and baby Carnes, who will arrive in February 2016. We can look to the future and know God is doing a new thing. It doesn't fix everything, but it helps us renew our strength in His joy."  

Jobe reminds us all that no matter what season of life we are going through right now, God is always present and ready to help. "The holidays are different for everyone. You might be celebrating this season. You might be dealing with a loss or pain in your family. No matter the circumstance, here's a truth that helps us all: The One who we celebrate during Christmas is the One who can walk us through these moments of heartache and pain. He simply placed himself in our world so we could simply cast our burdens on Him. Because of Him, we can be thankful in this cheerful season."



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