Joey Feek Has a New Goal: To Live Through February

Joey Feek

After receiving news yesterday that duo, Joey + Rory Feek, have received a Grammy nomination, Joey Feek has set herself a new goal - live to see the awards ceremony.  February 2016 is an important month for the Feeks not only because it is when the 58th Grammy Awards will take place, but it's also when the Feeks will release their new Christian album.  "Hymns that Are Important to Us" will drop on Valentine's Day. Moreover, February will be their daughter Indiana's second birthday. 

Rory Feek says he wouldn't be surprised if she surpasses all three. "She's so faith-filled and determined," he tells the Tennessean, "don't be surprised if you see us sitting in the audience at the award show, holding hands and smiling when they open the ballot and read the winner's name."

Joey+Rory earned a Grammy Award nod for Best Duo/Group Performance for "If I Needed You." The song had no commercial success and its only video component is something the married couple put together to rejoice the birth of their daughter, Indiana.

"Joey and I woke (Monday) morning just thankful for the chance to have another day to be together," Rory Feek told The Tennessean. "That was enough. When you honestly don't know what tomorrow will bring, you don't think any farther than today. But hearing the news brought not only tears and smiles, it has brought us hope."

Joey Feek is currently suffering from Stage IV cervical cancer.  After the first round of chemo and radiation, the doctors have discovered that the cancer has spread.  The couple, after much prayer and deliberations, have decided to stop all treatments.  Now, the couple have moved back home, not to die, but to live.  Nevertheless, Joey is so sick she can barely get out of bed.  


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