Earnest Pugh Shares His Excitement Over His New Record "Hidden Treasures"

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Vocal powerhouse Earnest Pugh has just released  "Hidden Treasures" (P-Man Music/ Central South Distribution). The album features "Trade It All," his current Billboard Top 25 radio smash. It is just one of the many gems on his eighth album that features cameos from Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Beverly Crawford, Richard Smallwood and Lisa Knowles.

Hallels:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Hidden Treasures."  Why did you entitle the album "Hidden Treasures"? 

I searched through my body of work to get some of the unpopular tunes that did not get radio play but the ministered effectively in live settings. One day a fan said "why don't you put all these hidden treasures in one place so we can have them at our disposal." They had never heard these songs before and I said "Because you all only purchase the single that you hear on radio....there 10-12 songs on all my cds...LOL"

Hallels:  What do you hope to communicate to your fans about God through the songs of this new record?

There is something for every one on this CD. Young, old, traditional, contemporary, choir music, praise team music, etc. It's a sampler platter

Hallels:  I believe this is a live recording.  What were some of the highlights in the recording of this record?

"Hidden Treasures" is my 8th national CD and a milestone in ministry. The highlight to me was performing "The Medley of Life" a combination of 4 of my largest songs at radio. As I listen back to it brings back memories of how the industry embraced, welcomed, and loved me from the beginning of my career up to now. 

Hallels:  You also have quite a few notable guests on the record.  Tell us a little about some of them.

I enlisted to help of some of the most influential artists in the business, some of which are my mentors and friends: Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Richard Smallwood, Nikki Ross, Lisa Knowles, and Beverly Crawford

Hallels:  The album's lead single "Trade It All" is already a hit.  For our readers who may not have heard it yet, what's the soong about? 

This songs challenges us to make GOD our priority-not material things. When we "seek first the kingdom of GOD and He allows "things" to be added automatically. 

Hallels:  The album also features a sermonette by Bishop Victor Couzens, how did that come about?

He and I wanted to give the listeners a closer look at what a "hidden treasure is" which is a deposit (from GOD) into the faithful. God has uniquely gifted each of us and wehave to tap into who we are in order to bring forth our worth and contribution in the earth.

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to find out more about you and the new record, where can they go?

Please check me out at all social media outlets (twitter, facebook, IG, and periscope).



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