Angelo & Veronica Release "Don't Take Christ Out of Christmas" & Offer a Chance To Win a $50 Gift

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Angelo and Veronica have released their brand new single "Don't Take Christ Out of Christmas." The couple are also asking fans to download the new single with a donation of any size.  This money will go to help them fund the new church they have had started, Higher Ground Church. By donating, you also get a chance to win a $50 gift card.

They explain: "God has re-directed our lives and we have started a ministry called Higher Place Church. This is something we were initially so fearful and reluctant to do. But as God would have it, it has turned out to be the best thing we have ever done yet. It has brought fulfillment we have never experienced before in our lives. In fact, we've never felt so blessed and wish we had done this a long time ago! So by faith we started Higher Place Church on Sept 23rd, 2015 in the living room of our tiny home (1,235 sq ft.) in Franklin, TN. If you come, you'll see how tiny it is! Btw, would love for you to join us or watch the LIVE broadcast Wed 7:30pm CST via Periscope @higherplacech
So now instead of raising funds to do our music, we are now using our music to raise funds! As we've continued to write songs and record, we will send you a free download of our new Christmas song, "Don't Take Christ Out of Christmas" for any size donation. Also, Geraldine has so generously donated a chance to win a $50 gift card." 

The duo has its origins in Boston, Massachusetts, with the American born who is of Italian ancestry, Angelo Petrucci, Jr., and his father a guitarist professionally and mother was a pianist who happened to be employed at a radio station. He began doing shows at 13 years old, when he dad was sick and could no longer perform. Angelo's parents became Christians, when he was a teenager, and they slowly had an impact on him with Commissioned's "Running Back to You".

During college at Berklee College of Music, Angelo was in a secular band, playing shows at bars, and he did this throughout his college and for about a decade after college. Until Veronica Beth Torres, a Latina, also of Berklee College of Music, had a chance encounter with him at one of his bar performances, and they subsequently became close professionally and personally. She is from New York City's borough The Bronx, but spent some of her life being raised in New Jersey and Puerto Rico. They were doing secular music shows, until their faith strengthened, and they started to pursue a Christian and gospel music recording career.They would eventually marry becoming a husband and wife duo 

The husband and wife duo commenced their recording careers in 1992, with the album, Higher Place, and it was released on September 8, 1992 by A&M Records.This album was coincidently their breakthrough release upon the Billboard magazine Christian Albums chart, and it placed at No. 35.

They would release eight more albums mostly with Benson Records, but those failed to chart. The duo would release two albums, one each with Zomba Records and Harmony Records, and those did not chart, as well. Angelo & Veronica would release two albums with Verity Records, and Give Your Life charted on the aforementioned chart at No. 39 

To Donate to Higher Place Church:
Get Truth at Higher Place!

Franklin, TN Wed Nights at 7:30pm CST
Or Join Us LIVE on Periscope

Here are the lyrics of their new Christmas song: 

You can put up mistletoe and wreaths 
You can hang a star on the tree
but don't take Christ, don't take Christ out of Christmas
You can wish to all peace and good will
You can sing and hum your jingle bells 
but don't take Christ, don't take Christ out of Christmas
O Christmas, O Christmas, O Christmas 
Don't take Christ, don't take Christ out of Christmas
You can roast chestnuts on the fire
Sing your yuletide carols in the choir 
but don't take Christ, don't take Christ out of Christmas
You can ride a one horse open sleigh
Tell the children Santa's on the way
but don't take Christ, don't take Christ out of Christmas
Jesus is the reason we celebrate this season
O Holy Night when our Savior was born
Jesús es la razón por la cual celebramos la Navidad
O Noche Santa cuando el Salvador nació 

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