Jordan Smith Talks About His Faith and Being a Christian on the Voice

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith, the winner of NBC's The Voice, has never been shy about the faith. In fact, the Church of God is quick to credit God for his success.    

"Words cannot accurately express in words just how I'm feeling today. The only thing I can say is that God is good," he writes on his Facebook page. Last night I proved to myself and the world that what's on the outside isn't important. Instead, it's what's in your heart that matters. Music is in my heart. Love is in my heart. Dreams are in my heart. And those things reach far beyond what our society tells us should matter."

Smith says he will be stepping into his calling and allowing "God to show me the big things. Be faithful in the small things, because those add up to something big."

Smith's is also student at Lee University.  The Vice President for University Relations Jerome Hammond told Charisma News. "For all of us at Lee this has been a fun experience, watching the world encounter Jordan's talent. It's also been a source of pride that Jordan has stayed true to his calling. That is something we try to model for our students every day, so watching Jordan live it on national television has been deeply gratifying," 

When Smith auditioned for "The Voice" earlier this year, he chose to sing Sia's "Chandelier." The judges were awed by his performance, and Maroon 5 frontrunner Adam Levine even went as far as declaring him as the "most important person to ever be on this show." 

However, according to Qpolitical, Smith says that it is not easy being a Christian on the Voice.  Even his coach Adam Levine feels that the song "Mary Did You Know" -- a song that explicitly deals with the Christian gospel -- was not a good choice for Smith to sing.  However, the song turned out to seal Smith's victory.



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